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Guest Columnist: A Natural Medicine

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Let us make a very important and clear statement about Cannabis right now: Cannabis is a safe, effective and natural plant medicine. This is not based on opinion, conjecture or wishful thinking. This is medically, scientifically and statistically true. “Cannabis sativa,” the true scientific name for “marijuana,” has been in active use by shamans, healers and eventually doctors for at least 5,000 years. And prior to the federal banning of cannabis in 1937, many physicians in America carried bottles of cannabis tinctures in their doctor’s bags to treat a variety of ailments such pain, anxiety, to assist in childbirth, skin conditions and many other common medical issues.

The reason for the safety profile of cannabis lies in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of the human body— and also in the bodies of all mammalian animals. The ECS is our own “Cannabis” system that produces it’s own cannabinoids! Yes, we produce our own cannabis and those cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors in our brain, skeletal system, and many other organs of the body. Scientists discovered and have been studying the ECS for over 40 years and have found that it plays a central role in helping the body maintain healthy functioning of metabolism, reducing risks of cancers and inflammatory disorders, protecting and regenerating the nervous system from injuries, stabilizing mood, and other surprising health benefits. When patients use cannabis products, they are actually activating a system they already have in their bodies. This explains why cannabis is so safe and effective. It is a form of medicine that is “natural” to the human body’s functioning.

When we take away outdated beliefs and use objective and scientific markers of safety and effectiveness, cannabis deserves to be considered a safe and more natural replacement medicine.

Christian Le, MD
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Cannabis Specialist & Researcher


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