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Groovy Electro Pop from Germany – Alice Merton: Easy

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Mainly on the strength of her breakout single ‘No Roots’ a few years ago, Alice Merton has taken the stage at Coachella and had late-night TV appearances on both Jimmy Fallon and James Corden. She was even a judge on The Voice of Germany, and all of it via her own Paper Plane Records International label.

Now Alice Merton moves with confidence into the second chapter of her career with the release of her single ‘Easy,’ a song that explores the destruction of simplicity that a massive success-story like hers can bring to an otherwise-normal life. Navigating relationships is hard enough without the demands of a career as a songwriter and young pop star. Merton revisits the alt-pop and indie sounds that have resonated with her millions of fans, while the lyric video pokes fun at the very concept of a successful relationship from the confines of a luxury hotel. With a hard-hitting vocal performance Easy combines honest emotion and electro-pop grooviness with the story of a relationship that never was.

Born in Frankfurt, Alice Merton spent her childhood split between the USA, Canada and England. Easy is featured on ‘MINT +4′ – a Deluxe Edition of Alice’s debut album. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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