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Going on an Adventure? Here’s Some Outdoor Tips to Keep in Mind

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If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. Spending time outdoors can be great for your health. Not only are you outside and being physically active, but it’s also beneficial for your mental health since you’re changing up your regular routine. However, there are some things you will want to keep in mind in order to make your outdoor adventure as enjoyable as possible.

Driver Safety

If you’re someone who finds yourself traveling miles upon miles to get to your desired location, you’re going to want to make sure you remember driver safety rules. As many as 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents on U.S. roads. The last thing you need is an accident when you’re on your way to a new national park to explore.

The most important thing is to remember to be smart. Don’t drive under the influence and be sure to limit as many distractions as possible. Always wear your seatbelt and keep your eyes on the road. These basic suggestions hold true for everyone. If you’re paying attention, driving the speed limit, and focused on the road, you will be that much more likely to have a safe drive to and from wherever you go.

Outdoor Safety

The term “outdoor safety” can mean a variety of things to different people, but the basics include staying hydrated, avoiding dangerous landscapes, and keeping away from poison ivy. If you’ve stumbled across some poison ivy, it won’t be long before you realize. Rashes from poison ivy plants generally show up within 48 hours after the contact and consist of red, itchy bumps. This will definitely put a damper on whatever outdoor activity you’re doing, so be sure to keep an eye out, especially if you’re someone who has intense reactions to the plant.

Similarly, if you’re hiking a mountain, canoeing, or biking on a trail, there are other safety suggestions you should heed. Make sure you’re hiking with a partner so you’re not alone in the event that something goes wrong. You’ll want a buddy to contact someone for help. If you’re on water, be sure you’re wearing a life vest, even if you’re a good swimmer. This is especially true if you’re navigating turbulent water. Additionally, you may think just because you’re an adult that you don’t have to wear a helmet anymore. The fact of the matter is, your skull is just as important to protect! Make sure you remember to wear a helmet. Though these tips may seem like no-brainers, they hold merit.

Pack Everything You Need

This last tip is often forgotten. Pack a bag! Or fanny pack — whichever you prefer. Make sure you have the essentials like water, a snack, and either a map or your phone in case you get lost. However, don’t forget some fun things, too. Time outdoors is much less about the destination and more about the experience.

If you’re traveling somewhere memorable, bring a camera along to record your favorite parts of the trip. Or perhaps this location is nostalgic for you. For example, maybe you and a family member or pet used to always come to this location for whatever reason, however, they have since passed. Cremation is an increasingly popular option in the aftercare of the remains of pets and humans alike. With cremation, you have the option to keep your pet always with you and keep their memory alive. If you want to spread their ashes along their favorite hiking trail, be sure to check in with the local parks association to ensure this is okay.

You might also want to pack some items for relaxing. A blanket, snacks, some coffee or tea are also great options if you’re taking a break out on a hike. If you have a hammock, this can be fun to use as well. Bring a book and relax!

While your time outdoors is meant to be relaxing and care-free, it’s important to stay safe to have the most enjoyable time. With a little attention to these outdoor tips, your time outside will be that much better.

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