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GO HERE: Places to Go with a GoPro

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It can be difficult to explain to friends and family just how awesome your Rogue Valley adventures are without visual proof. Luckily, with the advent of the GoPro, now your daily activities (no matter how radical) can make everyone feel like they’re actually there. With a little creativity and the right back-drop, you just might find yourself on the rise to Youtube stardom (or, perhaps a submissions in Ashland’s upcoming film festival).

Emigrant Lake: Whether it’s rock climbing, boating, or the edge-of-your-seat sport of fishing, Emmigrant Lake offers a plethora of opportunities for you to film yourself being a bad-ass.
Pilot Rock: This hike not only comes with incredible views, but also a pretty sketchy final ascent that will undoubtably have your viewers saying, “Damn, you’re hardcore on weekends!”
Dog Park: There’s something truly satisfying about watching a dozen dogs jump and slobber all over each other in first-person. Strap your GoPro onto your favorite pup and hit any of your local off-leash dog parks. Watch your pooch grab a frisbee, bark at unfamiliar things, and sniff the rear-end of that curious-looking Dalmatian.
The BTI: This is what GoPros were made for. Scream down the BTI trail in your souped-up mountain bike and capture some killer shots that are destined for the slow-mo reel.
Mt. Ashland: Hurry, while there’s still snow! Join your fellow Go-Pro heros by hucking it big off that jump you just built. Extra views for big wipe-outs.
Red Butte Wilderness: Got a drone? This area is ideal for high and wide-angled shots of the incredible ecosystem we’re all lucky enough to call home.



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