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GO HERE: Working For Your Wine -Biking to Vineyards in the Applegate

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A glass of wine worked for tastes better than something one might have picked up at the grocery store. After pedaling through the pristine Applegate Valley for several miles from winery to winery, each glass tastes better than the last.

Southern Oregon has established itself as a vineyard mecca for the last few decades. Not only is the wine delicious, but the scenery is just as enjoyable. The Applegate Valley Wine Trail is the perfect guide to enjoy wine and a long bike ride through the most beautiful parts of Southern Oregon. Here are just a few wineries easily accessible from each other by biking.

Wild Wines: Start at Wild Wines located on Little Applegate Rd. Since 2007, owner Carla David has been experimenting with her wine to capture perfection in every bottle. Sold in 45 stores around Oregon, there are more than just grapes in every bottle. Also available are blackberry, blueberry, elderflower, dandelion wine, and several other different types.

Cowhorn Vineyard: Just seven and a half miles northwest is Cowhorn Vineyard. 25 acres of the large property is dedicated to growing wine grapes. With more of a focus on French wines, the types of grapes are carefully selected and harvested based on which type of wine is desired. Cowhorn Vineyard is also a Biodynamic vineyard, which means it’s completely organic and without any toxins or synthetics. The vineyard also grows multiple other types of crops, such as asparagus and lavender. Cowhorn Vineyard’s passion is wine, but organic agriculture altogether is its focus.

Valley View Winery: Five miles down the road takes you further into the rich, green land of the Applegate, as well as to Valley View Winery. Though technically established in the 1850s by Peter Britt, the winery’s name was revitalized in 1972 and has been producing great wine ever since. Its wines are served in several restaurants throughout the Rogue Valley, from Zinfandels to Chardonnays to Merlots.  

LongSword Vineyard: Just under two miles away you’ll find LongSword Vineyard. Enjoy a glass of their 2015 “Bravazzo” Syrah on their patio looking out at the narrow valley its wedged between. The vineyard is a landing zone for paragliding and hang gliding enthusiasts, as well as a farm to chickens, sheep, and geese. Here you’ll find a wine for every palette, for the fruitier or more oaky inclined.


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