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GO HERE: Treasured Overnight Treks By Season

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by Jeanine Moy, Outreach Director, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center


One of the Rogue Valley’s best features is its position between volcanic Cascade peaks, giant Redwood forests, wild rivers, the rugged Siskiyou mountains, remote coastlines, and high desert; a sampling of landscapes and ecosystems that creates a rich palette of overnight backpacking choices. A recommended resource is William Sullivan’s 100 Hikes book series (available at most outdoor shops, and from the lovely folks at the North West Nature Shop). There are more details in his guide, but a few selections, by season:

Mid to Late Summer (now!): Four lakes loop, Trinity Alps Wilderness, Shasta-Trinity National Forest is a pleasing and dynamic choice. From Long Canyon Trailhead, walk steadily for six miles through forested slopes to Siligo Meadows. Choose either direction for a 5 mile loop through alternating meadows, lakes and scenic vistas. Bag Siligo Peak for kicks.

Mid Summer (but still great): Marble Rim, Marble Mountain Wilderness, Klamath National Forest. From the Lover Camp Trailhead, a slightly strenuous hike up countless switch backs, through wildflower meadows, before finally reaching the grand marble rim. Camp at one of the many Sky High Lakes, and summit White Marble or Black Marble Mountain in the morning, follow the scenic rim and make any number of loops.

Early/Late Summer: Illinois River Trail, Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest: Arrive before or after the peak season to avoid the poison oak leaves, and you will be golden. Hiking above this emerald green river on peridotite slopes gives an awe-inspiring vantage at a forest regenerating from the massive 2002 Biscuit Fire. Five miles in is the sweet swim spot at Oak Flat, and a few more to the Baldy Peak summit.


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