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GO HERE: Tiptoeing Through the Wildflowers

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wildflowersThe Klamath Siskiyous is one of the most biologically diverse bioregions in the country; an estimated 3,500 vascular plant species can be found in this region, 280 of which are endemic. While it should be easy enough to find incredible displays of wildflowers most anywhere in the Rogue Valley, there are a few areas definitely more worthwhile during the spring season.


Sterling Ditch Mine Trail: This 26-mile recreation trail in the Applegate area winds through gorgeous oak grasslands and pine forests with plenty of wildflowers along the way. Hike the full distance or jaunt up a trailhead to access one of the prettiest trails in the area. Flowers include Gentner’s fritillary, many types of trillium, hounds tongue, and more.

Table Rock: Yes, Table Rock has been mentioned before in the Go Here column, but it simply cannot be excluded when it comes to wildflowers. From late February to June over 75 species of flowers can be found including the Dwarf Wooly Meadowfoam, which is found nowhere else in the world.

Mt. Ashland: An 800-acre botanical area along the Siskiyou Crest is maintained thanks to the Forest Service. Once winter snows retreat, wildflower fanatics will find themselves in an area rich with flora diversity such as hot rock penstemon, Henderson’s horkelia, and the Mt. Ashland lupine, another native flower that exists only in our ecosystem.

Rough and Ready Botanical area: Serpentine soil conditions outside Cave Junction have created a unique habitat for wildflowers. This region is recognized as one of 200 biologically outstanding eco-regions in the world with many rare and endemic plants.

Adopt-a-Botanical Area: Want to be proactive when it comes to protecting biologically sensitive areas in the Klamath Siskiyou? Join forces with KSWild. Find more info at http://kswild.org/get-involved/adopt-a-botanical-area-program


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