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GO HERE: Romantic Views for the Wintertime

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A romantic date doesn’t have to break the bank. Rather than spending your time indoors, take someone you love to one of the many romantic outposts in the surrounding area.

Pilot Rock: This columnar basalt volcanic core has been a road marker to travelers for hundreds of years – so you can imagine that the view up top is pretty spectacular. Being winter, a climb to the top can be still be a bit treacherous, but there are plenty of romantic views near the base. The main access may be covered in snow, so if you don’t have the right vehicle simply grab your snowshoes and hike out. From I-5 south take exit 6 and continue on Old Highway 99 for several miles until you reach 40-2E-33 on your left.
Acid Castles: Nothing says romance like acid (err, castles). Fortunately, the only thing that you have to take for this view are a few steps up an easy trail. A local secret in Ashland, this spot is a great place to grab a picnic while you enjoy the sun set on the southern hills. Just north of the plaza in Ashland, find your way to Strawberry Lane then turn left on Hitt Road. Park in the pull off near the gate and hike for about 100 yards. The boulders will appear on your left.
Table Rock: A romantic classic, Table Rock provides beautiful views along the hike and at the top. A hike this time of year will give you the opportunity to see beautiful panoramic views of the Rogue Valley in winter. Drive north from Medford on Table Rock Road. Turn right on Modoc Road and continue for 1 mile where you will see the trail head on the left hand side of the road.
Natural Bridges: If you want to change it up from the predictable expansive views, Natural Bridges near Prospect is a great spot to appreciate the river in winter. The 3.5 mile Rogue Gorge Trail provides an excellent view of the Rogue River cascading through a channel of basalt lava.
Simply take Highway 62 past Prospect. Signs for the Natural Bridges will be on the left several miles north of the Union Creek Resort.

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