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GO HERE: Look Up!  Stellar Stargazing Spots

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03-23-gohere-stargazingFor millennia, humans have looked to the stars with awe, for night-time navigation, for guidance and inspiration. Only in recent years has the sky become obliterated by light pollution, blinding us to the celestial dimension. Thankfully, the Klamath-Siskiyou region has ample wild places that afford clear views of the Milky Way and beyond. Incidentally, lucky stargazers will experience some wildlife encounters as many creatures are active during the twilight hours.

Drive safely and remember to pack-out whatever you may have packed-in. Enhance your experience with a thermos of hot liquid, and a cozy blanket to lay out on when heading out. Where ever you seek stars this winter, consider planning your trip around clear, moonless nights, and save up some wishes for meteor showers (“shooting stars”) on dates like Nov. 17 (the Leonid meteor shower with some 15 per hour) or Dec. 13 (the Geminid meteor shower with a downpour of 100 an hour!).


Mt. Ashland, Siskiyou Crest: Find yourself closer to the heavens after the sun sets over the glorious receding mountain views. Feel the uniqueness of the landscape, as “the Crest” is one of only a few mountains ranges in the whole world that runs east-west as a wildlife corridor between the ocean and an inland mountain range. As we slip into winter months, you can orient yourself east-west on the Crest by searching for Orion’s belt. Access the Crest via Mt. Ashland ski area.

Hyatt Lake, Howard Prairie: Take a visit to the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and watch the night’s sky reflected in these two reservoirs flanked by old conifer trees. Winter creates a peaceful getaway with seasonal snow enhancing the quiet and solitude. The calls of owls, coyotes, and perhaps wolves if you’re fortunate, help tap into your wild side! Round out your evening with a hot beverage and pie at the Greensprings Inn.

Crater Lake’s rim: Sunsets and star viewing here is breathless, and sometimes people are even able to see the northern lights. Go as soon and often as possible.

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