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GO HERE: Learn About Your Backyard- Living on Your Land–Tree School Rogue

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A couple acres of land can either be daunting or exciting. Foraging the land, planting new crops, building a barn––the possibilities are endless.

Saturday, April 22, Living on Your Land–Tree School Rogue will educate and answer all the questions about what one can do with his land. From “Revegetation with Native Plants” to “Diseases of Forest Trees in Southwestern Oregon,” multiple classes are offered throughout the day.

“The basic goal is education for people who own a piece of land,” says Jack Duggan, who is on the advisory council for the Land Steward Program. “It gives people more information about the land they’re working on.”

Some classes take place indoors, while many are outside among nature. “Getting to Know Your Native Plants: A Guided Walk” takes participants outdoors, showing them the region’s native plants first-hand experience and identification. Other classes not only help those identify plants, but also how to work with and around them safely. A class on geology explains how lava and deep sea sediments formed our area. Duggan tells how a longtime conference participant gets 85 percent of his food from his land on a city lot, and how he uses his own experience to educate others.

Duggan says the conference builds “a basic knowledge and a basic appreciation of the natural world. We live in this incredibly wonderful rich biodiversity. I really think the more we foster the native plant life, the more we’re able to preserve this incredible biodiversity.”

In its seventh year, Duggan expects a higher enrollment this year. One doesn’t have to own large pieces of land to enroll. The conference is open to those who manage pieces of land, wildlife enthusiasts, and even backyard gardeners.

“It’s a community of like-minded people,” Duggan says. “We’re all in the same boat, we’re all trying to get stuff done on our lands, to make them better. We support one another…and we have a lot of fun.”

Registration deadline is Friday, April 14. Classes are 90 minutes long, with some venturing outdoors.


Living on Your Land–Tree School Rogue

Saturday, April 22

Rogue Community College, 3345 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass



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