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GO HERE: Dog Days of Summer on the Rogue Valley Rim

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by Jeanine Moy, Outreach Director, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center


Traveling with a canine companion can make for a wild, pack-like experience. There are plenty of places to take the pooch, but some are more appropriate than others.

For the dogs’ sake, know about their limits of safety and prepare well for your adventure.  Foremost at this time of year, if a water supply is not available, make sure to bring some along!

Also, before heading to publicly-shared places, don’t forget to encourage your pup to tread lightly; avoid important wildlife areas, prevent them from digging, and scoop or bury their poop!

Roxy Anne Butte, Medford: Somewhere between city-park and wild Cascade foothill, with wide-open oak hillsides, choice of paved or natural paths, and great sunsets Prescott Park provides easy access for all: two or four legged!

Grizzly Peak, Ashland: This five mile loop is above 5,000 ft. Although there is no water supply it is a decent way to avoid the heat. Enjoy old trees on the backside switchbacks, then a walking out on the plateau with spectacular views. To minimize your dogs’ impact, bring a leash for use around sensitive soils and wildflowers at the top.

Wagner Peak, Talent: For the endure-doggies out there, travel ten miles round-trip through old forest, sagebrush meadows, and top out on a rocky summit. Water is scarce in the summer, be mindful of the meadow plants and wild creatures that live here.


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