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GO HERE: 8 Dollar Mountain Hike

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Spring is the perfect time to hike Eight-Dollar Mountain as the snow has melted, the weather is a refreshing temperature, and the wildflowers are abundant. The mountain is owned by the Siskiyou National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management, meaning it’s open to the public year-round. This area is one of those rare finds that provide multiple and very accessible ways to view the mountain and its unique biodiversity.

The Eight Dollar Mountain Interpretive Boardwalk trail is only 1/8 of a mile and wheelchair accessible. This easy walk-through provides views of pines, wildflowers and most notably the carnivorous California pitcher plant, which is arguably one of Southern Oregon’s most unique plant species. Information panels along the boardwalk explain about the surrounding area.

The reddish and greenish rocks here began as seafloor rock more than 200 million years ago. The soil produced henceforth is rather barren. Plants have struggled to live here, producing a rare and unique botanical garden.

Another short hike in the area, the Jeffrey Pine Loop Trail, goes through some of those same serpentine habitats (the reddish and greenish rocks), a historic mining ditch, and provides views of the Illinois River, which is a bright turquoise in the early summer months. This moderate trail is only one mile and is abundant with wildflowers April through June.

The botanical areas are located in the very beginning of the 7.5 T.J. Howell Botanical drive. This drive will take you through more serpentine habitat in the Siskiyou Mountains and eventually follow parts of the Illinois River.


To get here: Located 26 miles southwest of Grants Pass on Highway 199. About 3.5 miles south of Selma, turn west on Eight Dollar Mountain Road (FS 4201). Drive 0.8 mile to a large parking lot on the left along the road. The Jeffrey Pine Loop Trail begins at the parking lot. The trailhead for the Eight Dollar Mountain Botanical Wayside Boardwalk Trail is on the right up the steep, paved drive, according to the BLM website.


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