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Give Guide 2021: An Entire Month of Giving!

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For the four years leading up to the pandemic and general shutdown of public events, the Messenger hosted an annual, in-person Giving Tuesday meet-and-greet. . the largest of its kind of southern Oregon! It was an opportunity to mix-and-mingle with representatives from nonprofit agencies—the very people who are working to help protect our forests, who save animals, who raise funds to support education. And, of course, an opportunity for residents to provide donations to support these causes and organizations.

Of course, that is not currently possible. . .but . . .the Messenger has decided to turn our COVID-19 lemons into lemonade. Well, really, into beer, as for the entire month of November, we are hosting a Giving Raffle, at local breweries and beer pitstops.

After all, why limit Giving Tuesday to one day when we can have the entire month!

In the pages of this month’s Messenger, you will find profiles for local nonprofits. Each does great work. And we encourage you to contribute to each.

Moreover, during the entire month, you can further your support for these nonprofits by buying a raffle ticket for “baskets” of goodies—like, a trip to Mexico (yes, please!), private tours of farms, and bottles of wine. Each of the nonprofits has pulled together a “basket” of goodies for you—and when you visit Weekend Beer Company in Grants Pass, or Walkabout Brewing in Medford or The Growler Guys in Ashland, you can purchase a raffle

Winners will be notified at the end of the month.

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