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Funny Name. Amazing Play. Barnstormers’ Urinetown Provides Thoughtful Laughs

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If you are going to poke fun at society, government, other musicals, corporations and, well, urinating, you had better be able to poke fun at yourself. And, right off the bat, Urinetown does just that. Even asking the question, “Who would go to a musical named Urinetown?” One reason might be that it was nominated for ten Tony Awards in 2002, and won three of them. Or perhaps because you don’t have to leave the Rogue Valley to catch this great story by a great cast; it will be at Barnstormers in Grants Pass until March 27.

The hefty, 17-person cast consists of the denizens of a community in the future that has been plagued by a drought for 20 years. Peeing, has therefore become a “privilege,” and everyone has to pay to use the public toilets, owned by Urine Good Company and run by the tyrant Caldwell B. Cladwell. Those who can’t pay and illegally pee in the bushes are sent away to “Urinetown,” never to be seen again. As you might imagine, a revolution arises, with a forbidden romance to boot, and all to tunes like “Don’t Be the Bunny” and “We’re Not Sorry.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that the entire Barnstormers cast for this production is very, very talented. The singing, the dancing, the drama and the jokes were all well delivered and greatly enjoyed by the audience. From Barnstormers veterans like Amy Fox (Josephine Strong) to first-timer Taylor Chapman (Hope Cladwell), you could tell that they all had fun performing the show together and bringing their characters to life.


Urinetown: The Musical

7:30 pm, Friday, Saturday

2 pm, Sunday

Through March 27

Barnstormers Theatre, 112 NE Evelyn Ave, Grants Pass


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