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Fun-Filled Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy in Medford, Oregon

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Medford is one of the best small cities in the United States. It is a part of the Oregon state and considered one of the most liked travel destinations in the United States. It is situated near the gorgeous Rogue River and enclosed within the enticing Rogue valley.

It is an ideal place for road trips, where you enjoy the windy drives and sunny vibes while traveling through the smooth roads with your friends. Medford has a warm climate throughout the year, which makes it ideal for visiting during winters. However, it would still be good if you check the weather in Medford Oregon, before making any plans. It is the best place for much-needed breaks with exciting road trips with friends and family.

Exciting Outdoor Activities That You Can Do in Medford

1. Have Fun on the Rogue River Water Sport Activities

You can enjoy many water sports activities on the majestic Rogue River, which flows through Medford. It caters to entertainment for everyone, ranging from fishing to white water rafting. Get a kayak or canoe on rent and enjoy kayaking down the sturdy streams. The river also has some relatively calm spots where you can enjoy leisurely fishing and relaxing moments.

The river is divided into three different sections vertically, the upper, middle, and lower sections. However, the lower section is most popular among travelers and is also the preferred spot for enjoying water sporting events. Locals of the area provide good support to meet all your water sports requirements.

The place is not about water activities only, but you can also enjoy hiking and trekking in the rocky terrains near the river. This place gives a good blend of morning hikes in the nearby hills followed by water sports and vitalizing swim in the river.

2. Upper and Lower Table Rocks Hiking

The eminent table rocks are the most prominent landscape area of the rogue valley. The table rocks are massive monumental rocks situated adjacent to the Rogue River. These flat table rocks were pushed out from the river bank and positioned towards the uphill. The table rocks give an incredible and refreshing hiking experience to the top. The scenes from the height are breathtaking and on the list of favorites among the travelers.

These majestic hills are said to be seven million years old and formed by massive volcanic eruptions. These hills play a crucial role in shaping the traditions and culture of the native tribes here.

3. Visit the Medford Railway Park for an Exciting Train Ride

The Medford Railway Park is systematically planned on seven-acre property. You can explore lots of miniature trains, engines, and carriages. It takes you back in the time of traditional train engines and gives you a feel of how the railways looked and worked back then.

It is undoubtedly a family-friendly park where you can have enormous fun with your kids. Do not forget to take the train ride. Kids are going to enjoy it the most while creating some beautiful memories. The Railway Park is also a brilliant eco-friendly example for kids as it is made by recycling the waste area of the Sewer plant land.

You can find several elite clubs and party halls at the park’s center known as the railroad park pavilion. Remember that you can visit this railway park only on the second and fourth Sundays of every month. So, plan a visit only during these days, and do not forget to add it to your itinerary.

4. Take a Tour of Natural Bridge Loop

It is an exciting hiking trail and famous among tourists as it passes through three natural bridges. The loop is situated at the upper section of the Rogue Valley and spread across two miles. The first bridge that you come across while hiking is the Sipapu Bridge. It is among the most attractive natural bridges and ranked as the second biggest natural bridge globally. These qualities make hiking even more special. Although this trek and hiking trail is a short one, you will enjoy it immensely, especially if accompanied by family and friends.

5. Have Fun at the Bear Creek Park

The massive Bear Creek Park is spread across 113 acres of land, and you can enjoy plenty of fun-filled activities here. Three acres of land is specially reserved and homes several seasonal species of birds and animals. It is regarded as the reserved area for dedicated wildlife refuge.

Bear Creek Park provides a thrilling and memorable trip for any family outing. It has a BMX track, an open-air amphitheater, a skating park, and many hiking and mountain biking trails. The place has everything that will make you spend an awesome time enjoying these outdoor activities with kids.

The best thing is that the park is open throughout the year. So, you do not require any particular day or season for visiting the park.

Explore Medford and Have a Fun Time with Family Outings

Medford is considered as the playground for nature lovers. The place has so much potential that it can keep you entertained for months without repeating any activity twice. You can explore the incredible theaters, soothing regional music, plenty of museums, and art galleries. However, the exciting outdoor activities include fishing, paddle boarding, running, mountain biking, hiking, trekking, and lots more.

It does not matter if you are a local resident, planning a staycation, or passing through the city. There are plenty of things to do and explore in your free time, a few of them mentioned in the article above.


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