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From Words to Dresses: Upcoming Exhibits at Schneider Museum of Art

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A written portion of Gray and Paulsen’s exhibit.

Truth and art often always gone hand-in-hand, or in this case hand in glove.

Four exhibits at Schneider Museum of Art at Southern Oregon University will open Thursday, January 18 with an opening reception at 5 pm. The exhibits will run through March 17. Each one will feature artists dedicated to representing truth through art.

The Entry Gallery will feature “Between the Beginning and the Middle” by Anna Gray and Ryan Paulsen. The artist team has worked exclusively together since 2007, inspired by artists like Sol Lewitt and Adrian Piper.

“This exhibition is about what exists in the space between what children observe of the world and what adults have come to believe to be true about it,” Gray explains. “Our drawings are grown from a love of the ways that kid logic and hypotheses can reframe what we believe to be true. It’s also inspired by a series of weird school worksheets for grade-school children that seemed to test not only their ability to read, but their ability to judge what is right, true, and socially acceptable.”

Their work appears as drawings on chalkboards along with drawings of scenes from their son’s own artwork. Overall, they describe their work “as varied, language-based, concerned with ideas, often times about the act of reading.”

The theme for Maria de Los Angeles’ is truth as well, she says. Her work will be displayed in the Treehaven Gallery. “In the drawings I have conversations about my own undocumented status and the feelings that this displacement and the lack of freedom provokes,” she says. “In many ways the drawings are like a journal or stories. The sculptures are in the form of dresses. They are about internalized words and feelings. They are together a discussion of my identity, the proud sides and the undocumented sides.”

Maria de Los Angeles poses with her colorful dresses.

Art has taken de Los Angeles throughout the U.S. academically, including Pratt Institute and Yale University. “When one walks into my exhibition, the viewers will first feel like they are walking into a welcoming and surreal environment of color and imagery,” she says. Her art is incredibly vibrant, demanding the audience to focus on what they’re seeing––a pleasing contrast to Gray and Paulsen’s word-based exhibit.

Two other galleries will also host exhibits by Betty LaDuke and Storm Tharp.


Schneider Museum of Art Opening Reception

5 – 7 pm, Thursday, January

555 Indiana Street, Ashland



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