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From Acoustic to Raging Dance Party and then Way Gone, Gone, Beyond! The Human Experience Project

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David Block from Human Experience.
Photo Credit: Warwick Saint

A hundred shows a year around the world. Over thirty new songs written and produced annually. Multiple instruments and concepts galore. David Block, creator of The Human Experience project, is a performer, visual artist, music producer, photographer, public speaker, innovator and electronic composer. Yet, he stays grounded and co-creates with well-known artists like Rising Appalachia, Random Rab, and Elephant Revival. He has also performed live and composed with Android Jones, Lucent Dossier and Quixotic (audiovisual dance projects). 

It has been ten years since Block started the Human Experience, and he describes it as a “rotating menagerie.” He had been doing some electronic music on his own in his closet, but his current concept was birthed after travelling throughout Central America and India and then attending Burning Man. The concept’s name was given to represent something bigger and has been Block’s alias ever since.  

“Over the last several years The Human Experience has toured in the UK, Europe, Russia, Israel, Central America, Canada, and all over the United States at a variety of events including major festivals such as Burning Man, Boom, Coachella, Electric Forest, Wakarusa, Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Symbiosis, and Envision,” he shares.

Through all his tours and worldwide adventures, Block practices mindfulness which he describes as: “The ability to focus our attention and our awareness.” Well, he has certainly gotten the attention of many like-minded musicians and the youth groups he teaches about reaping the rewards of being mindful. Block opens his shows with a creative visualization and builds to an energetic crescendo. 

“We set the framework of the evening with the power of live music and the power of electronic production,” he says. When asked if he was a conductor or master of ceremonies, he referred to himself as the “architect of experience.” In conjunction with the audience, they create together. Carl Jung would be proud because Block intentionally opens the gateways and opportunities for synchronicity such as a chance meeting with an old friend or bumping into someone who has information you need. When you are truly present and open to anything at an event like his upcoming show, you never know what can occur.

For the upcoming Ashland Armory show, Human Experience is the second set. The show opens with his band: Gone, Gone, Beyond! 

“This is the Maiden Voyage of this band! It will never happen again and cannot be replicated,” Block explains excitedly. The foursome is a blending of lead singers from distinct backgrounds who all compose songs and perform. “Future Folk” is the genre, and all the music has stories and meanings overlaid with electronic elements. Band members include Danny Musengo, Kat Factor and Mel Seme. Kat Factor’s voice is a powerful command to stay in the moment to enjoy every single note. And Block is particularly excited about the Armory’s Grand Piano for opening possibilities and elevating the experience.

“The music is the transmission; it is a co-creation with the audience. The atmosphere and the ambience make the show,” he says. It will be very community-oriented including the presence of several non-profits including their collaboration with “A Better Life Foundation” and “Permaculture Action Network.” Additionally, the evening features Moontricks (an electronic-folk duo) who released the album “Backwoods Bass” earlier this year. Adey Bell, pianist, composer and vocalist will also be a special guest. With Block just releasing a new single titled “Slow Down” and  a collaborative remix of Rising Appalachia’s song “Stromboli,” the whole tour promises talent, transmission and transcendence.


The Human Experience Project
8 pm, Thursday, October 10
Ashland Armory, 208 Oak Street, Ashland
$20, door. $15, advance.


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