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Freaky Friday: Hanging Out With the Fortune’s Folly Family

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Fortune’s Folly Takes the Stage. Photo by Bradley Cook Photography

Imagine if No Doubt’s lead singer, Gwen Stefani, and Red Hot Chili Peppers front man, Anthony Kiedis, got together. But instead of trading places like in the movie, Freaky Friday, they merged styles and had a love child—Fortune’s Folly would be the result. Lead singer, Calysta, describes the music of this four-piece band as “high-energy alternative rock,” which they will be bringing to the Brickroom in Ashland on October 26.

And speaking of freaky, the Eugene-based foursome is eager to release their new song, Freak Flag. The lyrics call out for “being unapologetically unique and individual,” according to Calysta. Due out in October, Freak Flag is just one of the five songs on the forthcoming Green EP to be released in its entirety on New Year’s Eve.

Fortune’s Folly has been performing together in Oregon for the last four years and already had song starts in process when Calysta joined. And, when they ran them up the flag pole, people responded favorably. What it is like to see the group in concert? She says, “It is not just a show, it’s an experience. There is tangible energy that fills the crowd and gives back. Any time people can come together and enjoy each other without even talking; it’s a win.”

Calysta’s advice for newcomers attending a performance for the first time: “Don’t be a stranger; Come say hi, and once you come to a show, you are family.”

The drummer Alex Koleber expounds: “The FollyFam is a place where people can come together under a shared love for music and be as unique as they want to be and feel accepted. There are people out there just as weird and beautiful who also want to find an accepting community and that’s what the FollyFam is intended to be.”

Meet Fortune Folly’s Band Family as they talk about their upcoming Green EP:

Ira Mazie, guitarist: “The string section on our song Light of the Night and working with a producer were the highlights for me during the creation of the Green EP.”

Jesse Sanchez, Bass guitarist: “The production quality of the Green EP is a step above anything else we have released. We also got the opportunity to work with some amazing other musicians which added some great flavors that I love! Some of my all-time favorite songs from our band are on this album like Light of the Night and Summer Nights. Also, it’s green which is my color!

Alex Koleber, Drummer:“I think it shows growth musically from us … the songs are more streamlined in order to be accessible by a wider audience, but we didn’t lose our voice or our sound. There are some pop tunes represented that we love but there is diversity in the songs and it still sounds like Folly. One of our goals with this release was to broaden our fanbase but also to be careful not to alienate the fans and fam we currently have, the people who are the only reason we’ve made it this far.”

Calysta, Lead singer: “My goal is to spread joy. That’s what makes me get up in the morning.”

Additionally, Calysta and Mazie do acoustic shows taking covers and original songs and imagining them in new ways. They are at Kindred Spirits in Talent on October 25 (which happens to be Calysta’s mom’s place) for an all-ages show.

Or on a freaky Friday night in Ashland on October 26, Fortune’s Folly will take the stage just in time for costumes and some pre-Halloween celebrating. Interesting lyrics, a freaky style and a big family vibe makes this band stand out in a crowd.

Grants Pass Halloween Show at the Sound Lounge on Saturday the 27th at 9pm for $10 cover


Acoustic Folly

7 pm, Thursday, October 25

Kindred Spirits, 102 Talent Avenue, Talent


Fortune’s Folly

9 pm, Friday, October 26

Brickroom, 35 N. Main St., Ashland

$10 cover


9 pm, Saturday Oct 27th

Sound Lounge, 225 SE H St, Grants Pass

$10 cover



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