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Fraidy Cat, ‘Fraidy Cat: The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival Has Us Afraid of Our Own Shadows

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I Never Did by Row 211 Films. Credit: Mig Windows and Rory Owens

Halloween may be behind us, but thanks to horror creators and fans, the films created from the twisted corners of the human imagination know no season.

What is it about horror that fascinates us? Do we enjoy being scared, and scaring one another? Perhaps it’s stimulating to see how far the imagination can stretch to spawn monsters from within its depths. Perhaps all of the above?

Creative minds who appreciate horror can give their imagined terrors shape for all to see, and nowhere is the act of projecting one’s imagination more rich and full than in film, where nightmares and twisted fantasies come screaming into life before our eyes. This year, on Friday, November 17, horror fans from Southern Oregon and Northern California will be able to indulge in such morbid fascinations at the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival.

Begun in 2007 by local filmmaker Randy Granstrom, the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival has served as an outlet for independent horror filmmakers from Southern Oregon and, more recently around the world, to share their works with the public and interact with their viewers and fans.

“Filmmakers want a chance to see their films with an audience, to see how they react, do they laugh in the right places, are they scared at the scenes you meant to be scary, it’s wonderful to receive that feedback from a live audience,” says Ross Williams, KVHFF’s official programmer. This year, KVHFF has pulled 18 short horror films from the depths of nightmares, ready to thrill, tickle and torment those souls brave enough to attend.

One of the festival’s offerings this year is I Never Did by Row 211 Films. “I Never Did is the third in a trio of horror films about a man trying to escape a haunting he knows he deserves.” Says writer and co-star Mig Windows. With the first two installments having been screened at previous Killer Valley Festivals, this trilogy stars Jon Cates, Connor Chaney and Mig Windows. Cates and Chaney recently appeared in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Odyssey.

The other films draw from familiar horror genre, but many re-imagined into new formats. HOPE the Movie by Adam A. Losurdo is a silent zombie film which, according to Williams, offers “a new twist on the zombie genre.” Admonition by Alexander Mattingly stars the festival’s special guest Adrienne King, known for playing the role of Alice Hardy in Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2. Another noteworthy feature is An Elder Man, a film starring Monster Squad’s Ryan Lambert, which should be a marvelous treat for horror fans young and old.

Wicked Pixie Productions’ Do I Scare You? features Windows and Chaney as well. Dial Tone by Free Fire Films and Touch the Light by Ryan Niemi both come to us from Klamath Falls. Bob the Killer is presented by SOU student Christian Naya. Also featured is Weed Whacker Massacre by Crap Films, Eldritch Code by Ivan Radovic, Cursed World Problems by Doug Hawley, In My Room by Michael Trainotti, Your Date is Here by Zak White and Todd Spence, Holiday Fear by Nicholas Santos, Agatha by Timothy Vandenberg, Blood Sisters by Caitlin Koller, Balloon-Horror Film by Mitchell Vincent Sland, and Dirty Laundry by SOU students Jessica Haeckal and Adam Rubino.

Special Guest Adrienne King (the heroine in Friday the 13th, and also currently a winemaker) will also be available for photos and autographs. Appropriately, accompanying King is the famed (and dreaded) Jason Vorhees, ready to take photos with his victims/fans, alongside various horror-themed vendor booths. Additionally, the festival will be hosting a Halloween costume contest with a cash prize. The films will be shown in three separate blocks, and Q&A session with the filmmakers in attendance following each block.  


Killer Valley Horror Film Festival

6 pm, Friday, November 17

Ashland Hills Hotel, 2525 Ashland Street, Ashland.




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