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Four Seasons in One Evening: Spellbound Contemporary Ballet Takes Dance to the Next Level

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balletArtistry. Vision. Charm. Prestige. Transcendence. These are some of the words that follow Spellbound Contemporary Ballet around the world. Born in Rome, this highly-acclaimed dance company has been building an international dance community and repertoire that stands out on the international dance scene. Soon, that scene will include the Rogue Valley. On February 24, this world-famous dance troupe will bring Le Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons) to the Craterian Theater in Medford.

Eric Strahl, the Event Manager at the Craterian Theater, highlights the importance of bringing presentations like this to Southern Oregon: “Spellbound Contemporary Ballet comes to us from Rome, Italy. They create and perform from a perspective that is different than any we have at the Craterian previously. Bringing performers from different cultures expands the diversity in the storytelling and thus the experience for our audience.”

Indeed, the reputation of Spellbound precedes itself, starting with its artistic direction. Artistic Director Mauro Astolfi, who founded the company in 1994, is the dynamic mind behind Spellbound Dance Company’s renown. His choreographic vision places a balance of value on technique and natural expression: an aim to maintain the tension between precision and poetry keeps Astolfi’s direction both impressive and interesting. His own international history of dance brings a background of knowledge and strength to what he does at Spellbound, as well as his continued work on the international dance scene.

For Le Quattro Stagioni, Astolfi’s mastery and dynamism are no different. The presentation coming to the Craterian is billed as pushing past convention. By reimagining the iconic symbols of the four seasons through the bodies of his dancers, Astolfi’s vision explores ritual, connection, and rebirth. With the help of a fragmented musical score, these dancers explore the very seasons that dominate human existence and the passage of time.

When asked why this particular performance is such a gem for the Rogue Valley, Strahl had this to say: “The Craterian Theater is the only Southern Oregon theater presenting national and internationally touring professional dance companies. If we weren’t doing it, it simply wouldn’t be available to our audience and community.”


Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

7:30 pm, Wednesday, February 24

Craterian Theater, 23 S. Central Avenue, Medford

$22 – $38




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