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Focusing on Fido: Yummy Pet Eats and Treats in the Rogue Valley

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Ben Bellison of Waggedy and his dog, Nelson. Photo Credit: Ben Bellison

You know why we paw our dog bowls and flip them over or vomit on the new carpet? Because humans get bored and change what we eat often. Us dogs like meat and bones, and that’s the truth. How hard is it figure us out? Eat. Play. Poop. Repeat. Keep it simple and we will be happy; playing during the day instead of waiting until you’re laying down to lick your face while funny noises come out of your head, mostly.

Well, guess what Fido—for us humans, it gets complicated figuring out what to feed our dogs for a decent price that won’t mean more preparation and cleanup. And for cats, that is even more complicated. With all the pet food being recalled for serious consequences, we are afraid to feed you anything we do not make ourselves. Luckily, if you live in the Rogue Valley, there are good options.

The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point offers homemade dog food at about $2 per pound. This kibble is chock-full of local beef, lamb, elk and buffalo (from South Dakota), beef heart, fat and triple-ground pulverized bone. They use whole muscle meat that is grass-fed without hormones ground to just the right size and consistency so dogs can exercise their jaw muscles. Dog owners can choose from 4-meat or 5-meat options. Check out their video online which shows how the chow is made (butchershopinc.com). You can also watch a video about how they create their dog treats.

Kristi’s Natural Pet Food is another alternative for dogs and cats specializing in frozen, raw, all natural, grain-free cat and dog foods consisting of high quality, human-grade ingredients including USDA-certified meats, organic fruit and vegetables and herbs and supplements. Owner, Tracy Higgs, says, “The meat we use is carefully sourced, local whenever possible, raised with no hormones, antibiotics or growth hormones and come from farms that use sustainable, humane practices. Our food is made in small batches, by hand, which ensures top quality consistency. We use a holistic approach to provide the best life possible for pets with natural ingredients, nutrition, care and love.”

When asked about all the dangerous pet food recalls, Higgs advice was: “It is difficult these days to find companies and brand names you can fully trust. That is why we advise individuals to source pet food that is not highly processed, but one that is made with wholesome, simple ingredients with no fillers, no chemicals or additives and diets that consist of all natural or organic meat and organic ingredients if possible. We encourage people to seek diets that mimic a whole prey diet, and truly believe raw natural diets are the absolute best way to go.”

If you choose to use Kristi’s Natural Pet Food as your only source of pet food that you can expect to spend $45 to $75 a month for an average-sized cat and anywhere from $140 to $200 for a medium sized dog. Clear signs that your canine and felines friends are getting the proper nutrition are healthier coats and skin, fewer allergies and more energy.

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of health for our furry friends, and Ben Bellison of Waggedy also suggests supplements for health enhancement. Started in 2016 and based in Ashland, Waggedy formulates and manufactures vitamins and supplements for dogs only. When asked why not for cats too, Bellison explained it has to do with palatability. In other words, cats are finicky and even the best-made supplements will only be tolerated by felines 65% of the time at best.

To create supplements, Bellison works with vets and canine expert academicians from places like Colorado State and OSU to develop formulations for common concerns such as hip and joint issues (inflammation-based solutions), anxiety or multivitamins for general health. Bellison believes, “Product success is based on being true to what you do and selling a quality product.” He is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council and is coming out with a product that includes hemp and CBD. “We exist to keep dogs happy and healthy as long as possible.”

The Butcher Shop
(541) 830-3369

Kristi’s Natural Pet Food
(541) 295-8095

Waggedy, waggedy.com


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