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Flowers for V-Day: How to Choose the Right Cannabis Gift for Someone You Love

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Cannabis has been legal in Oregon for a few years now, but there is still a lot to learn about America’s favorite plant when it comes to shopping for a cannabis gift. It’s not as easy as picking up somebody’s favorite bottle of wine, especially when selecting strains of flower or concentrates.

For a Valentine’s Day gift, in order to get in touch with what is meaningful to you about your loved one, it might be necessary to get in the right state of mind. According to a paper in Psychiatry Research, “Under the influence of cannabis, users showed increases in . . . automatic semantic priming.” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20122742)

This essentially means that their minds loosen up a bit when making associations and may find that new and unexpected ideas pop up. Many creative people turn to cannabis to break through “writer’s block.” If you have been trouble coming up with that perfect gift, it’s possible that cannabis could be your answer.

Now that you are in the gift-buying mindset, who are you shopping for and what do you want this gift to say to them? Are they hardcore stoners who would spark up a joint or dab tough at a party? Or are they just getting into cannabis and it’s incredible and diverse benefits? If they are in the latter category, I recommend either finding a topical, a low-dose edible or a mild “beginners” strain of high quality vape pen to enjoy.

Valentine ’s Day is a popular time for cannabis massage oils. Users often report an extra kick of relaxation and pain relief, which is perfect for getting in the mood for an evening with your significant other.

Edibles are a great way to take your time fully experiencing your partner. Rather than spiking quickly, the effects of edibles exhibit a bell curve in intensity over several hours, so settle in and appreciate each other. But make sure you and your partner don’t overdo it: eating cannabis can produce effects four to five times more psychoactive than inhaling it. I highly recommend having an honest conversation with your trusted budtender. Tell them what kind of cannabis consumers you are so they can guide you through the right products and dosage.

A budtender can also recommend what in-stock strains of flower or oils will wow somebody for Valentine’s Day. Each dispensary is different, so I’ll give my recommendations for similar groups of strains to ask about that might produce the effects you seek.

Orange/Tangie: These instantly recognizable citrus-laden terpene profiles often illicit effects almost like an instant antidepressant. Users report elevated moods and energy levels. A great start to a Valentine’s Day activity like skiing or hiking.

OG Kush/Fuel: These, when not overdone, can provide great relief from social anxiety. So if you are heading out on a date with someone that makes you a bit nervous, these could be a great idea. Remember to go slow though, when overdone, they can often knock out the novice user.

Zkittlez: Totally unique experience of skunky, fruit-candy flavor with reports an uplifted mood sans any anxious energy. Perfect for an evening at home. Relaxed, but ready to have fun.

Cookies (GSC): For the more seasoned consumers who wish to delve deep into their Valentine’s Day experience together. This powerful strain provides a more intensely psychoactive experience that, when shared with a loved one, could take a night to a whole new level.

Remember, quality products are much more meaningful. Support craft cannabis!  


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