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Five Art Galleries Surrounding a Garden: Ashland Art Works

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Photo by John Weston

Comprised of five galleries and a sculpture garden in one space, Ashland Art Works is a tranquil and evocative place to enjoy and view art.

Member and secretary Claudia Law was drawn to the galleries years ago as a visitor—and then she decided to become part of the community.  “It is such an amazingly eclectic gathering of buildings, artists, and art, that the venue, the artists, and their art exude harmony, beauty, intrepid strength, and peaceful spirit,” she says.

The sculpture garden showcases outdoor art, and is surrounded by the indoor galleries. The surrounding buildings were salvaged from the Ashland Historic Railroad District. Law’s art history began in NYC as a backdrop painter for commercial photography.

“Since I had a connection in my youth with fabric––hand stitching, embroidery and making garments––I had an affinity with textiles, and that’s what attracted me to quilting, and ultimately to designing and making Art Quilts,” she adds.

Law loves working with other artists at a gallery in a city that embraces and encourages artists deeply.

“Within any community there are those who make, love, collect, and admire art,” she says. “Ashland is a town with a deep love for the arts, and Ashland Art Works personifies all the highest and best attributes of what art can be.”

The gallery’s featured artists in October are painter Michael Gibson and woodworker John Weston.

“Both of these guys are amazing artists and each brings hefty talent and skill in their chosen art forms!” Law says. “We’re thrilled to be able to showcase their art this October!”

Gibson’s studies and career in Houston reflect a reverence for European styles and landscape paintings. Weston’s woodworking may look more practical in use, but that shouldn’t subtract from the sleek and masterful products he creates, like tables and serving trays.

“Those who visit Ashland Art Works Galleries recognize the uniqueness of its locale, its artists, and the feeling within the space occupied by our five galleries and sculpture garden,” Law says. “It’s a beautiful and serene space, but with a magical energy all its own.”

Ashland Art Works Galleries First Friday Art Walk is Oct. 5 and will include live music and food.


Ashland Art Works Galleries

11 am – 3 pm, Wednesday and Sunday.

10 am – 5 pm, Thursday – Saturday.

Closed, Monday and Tuesday.

291 Oak St, Ashland.




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