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Finding Beauty in Tragedy: Woven Dreams Photography

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Credit: Woven Dreams Photography

Most often, a traumatic event usually drives people away, as far as they can possible get. To embrace tragic event—and even find the beauty in such a thing—like photographing stillborns, is a daring and courageous act of art.

Shannera Weaver life and art has been fueled by a series of tragic events—from holding her dying mother in her arms to having two stillborns. After those events, while she poured over old photographs of her mother and stillborn sons, she realized what she wanted to do. “I wanted to do bereavement portraits,” she says. “At that point I didn’t have a camera, I didn’t have any idea what ISO or aperture were, I didn’t know the first thing about photography.”

She had the inspiration, but not the method yet. Through photography groups on Facebook and a mentor, Weaver learned the fundamentals about photography. “I approached one of the local hospitals and told them what I was doing. To give the families the options of having professional photos done of their babies, even if they never looked at them; knowing that there was tangible evidence that they did exist.” This lead to starting a bereavement photography program at Providence in Medford.

Her art has expanded: She also does newborn and family portraits, and celebrates the rest of the cycle of life as well.

“The biggest thing that I make sure of in my photography is that I am doing everything as safe as possible,” she says. “I make sure that I am trained in the most up to date methods of safety and posing. So often during my sessions I have parents ask me if I will go home with them just to get the baby settled so they can get a little nap in!” Most of her sessions take place in her studio on Main Street in Medford, where family and newborn sessions also take place.

“The most important part of my photography is giving an exceptional product, service, and experience. I truly love what I do and I want people to see that in my work, my caring, and my service.”


Woven Dreams Photography

225 E Main St, Suite 201, Medford





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