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Festy Season… On Weed

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It’s that time again: “Festy” or Festival Season. A time when good weather permits great gatherings. May has arrived signaling the climate is almost ripe to let your world-tribe member out. I am probably not considered a traditional “hippie” by any means but I am ever implored to pay my respects to the counterculture that embodies the spirit of the keepers and protectors of the world’s most important, still illegal plant. Something primal draws me to the freedom of love and expression that is inherent in these music, art and culture gatherings. Perhaps because they are usually cannabis friendly in spirit, if not in the actual cannabis sacrament being consumed by patrons.

Since the season is just kicking off, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the festivals that are either marketed directly to the cannabis community, or can at least be enjoyed *wink, wink* by the same fine citizens that now enjoy legal cannabis in these locales.

June 15 – 16: Oregon Hemp Fest, Oakland: A weekend of Oregon’s cannabis community in true form and on display—vendors, food, etc. The VERY best part on this one though is that I will be there! That’s right, Local Smoke Radio, The voice of the cannabis community, will have a booth set up and yours truly, The CANNAvangelist, will be conducting interviews throughout the event. Please feel welcome to stop by and say hello.

August 2 – 4: Reggae on the River, French’s Camp, CA. An annual music festival in Northern California along the south fork of the Eel river. 35 years running, this cultural gathering is one of the premier live-reggae concert—and a destination for hundreds, from Jamaica to Humboldt. And if you’re asking what does that have to do with weed, um . .

August 16 – 18: Hemp Fest, Seattle, WA. The largest cannabis convocation in the world. A flagship event of the global cannabis culture, and celebrating its 28th year. A sophisticated and socially responsible cannabis rally, and one that totes (and tokes) its free speech, this event drives home points about policy reform and legal underpinnings. Why not finally make a hajj to the holy grail of cannabis festivals this year?

June to October. OSF Ashland.

*Remember, the Rogue Valley Messenger only condones LEGAL aspects of Marijuana. Please be aware of the laws that govern the festival you are attending. Don’t do anything Roo wouldn’t do!


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