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Fantastico! Top Marks for Brava Italian Eatery in Grants Pass

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bravaitalian1An oasis of delicacy located in long streets of fast food joints, dive bars, and diners, Brava Italian Eatery is a casual friendly restaurant fit for families of all types. Located 1214 NW 6th St, Grants Pass, Brava Italian Eatery is a relatively new Southern Italian restaurant having opened in late November of last year.

“I think the cool thing is that there isn’t a lot of competition in the area, which is why we wanted to do the Italian thing in the first place,” said Brava employee Kari Musselman, “We make almost everything here, our sauces, our desserts, our dressings are made in house. We’re not in the business of popping cans.”

Walking into Brava one is instantly greeted by the bright hanging lights and open sitting area resembling a restaurant in sunken Venice. The kitchen has a wide-open window for patrons to view the busy chefs at work, which was pretty cool. They seemed to have a large amount of orders constantly coming in, but stayed cool and collected throughout the evening.

I began my dinner at Brava with an order of veal and ground beef mini meatballs, served in a dish covered in house-made pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese. The drive up from Ashland had made my dinner companion and I quite famished and initially fearful of having to wait a lengthy amount of time for our food. These fears were quickly put to rest however by Brava’s staff fast preparation of our appetizers. The meatballs were creamy and savory, after I had eaten them all I kept the plate around to dip the warm bread in the remainder of the pomodoro sauce.

My second course consisted of bread and olive oil with garlic garnish, and a house-made pesto vinaigrette salad served with sliced olives and mini tomatoes.

For my main course I asked Musselman what the most popular dish at Brava typically was. “Definitely the baked lasagna or the Tuscan chicken rigatoni,” Musselman said. Apparently the Tuscan chicken had been added to the menu almost as an afterthought, but served as one of Brava’s most popular dishes.

Deciding to go with their recommendation I ordered the Tuscan chicken rigatoni and instantly understood what made it such a popular item. It had creamy pesto sauce served with chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. The sauce was succulent and lush, with the artichoke hearts complementing the combination nicely, making the Tuscan chicken far and away the best dish of the evening.

Being so satisfied from the previous three courses I settled on a New York styled vanilla cream soda for dessert.

The servers were very friendly, the atmosphere nice, and the prices reasonable. The price range of dishes are similar to larger chains such as Olive Garden, but Brava still maintained the charm of a small town restaurant. I give Brava top marks.


Brava Italian Eatery
1214 NW 6th Street, Grants Pass
Mon-Thurs, 11:30 – 8:30
Fri, until 9 pm
Sat, 2 – 9 pm
Sun, 2 – 8 pm


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