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Fall Colors – October Imaginarium: Mischief and Magic!

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“Change of Season” by Mark Daucher

Imaginations and colors will soar like a barn owl on a crisp autumn night at the October Imaginarium at the Art Presence Art Center in Jacksonville through October 27. Artists will explore the theme of “Mischief and Magic!” in their pieces, inviting the community to enjoy the delights of this time of year.

For the sixth year running, this gallery event brings together the varied talents of artists from around the Valley in an exhibition that celebrates the unique whimsy of autumn.  

October Imaginarium highlights works which feature Halloween themes and unusual imagery and mediums. With 43 artists presenting, such as Katharine Gracey, Leona Sewitsky, Dan Mish, Sue Hadden, Judy Buswell, Jan Van Ek, and John Dodero, the Imaginarium brings a wide spectrum of artistic formats. Paintings, photography, fiber art, three-dimensional works, sculpture, and more will be on display—enticing the artistic soul to embrace the season. This is one of the most loved and well-attended events at Jacksonville Art Presence Art Center, and they will be pulling out all the stops.


2019 October Imaginarium: Mischief and Magic!
11 am – 5 pm, Friday – Sunday, through Sunday, October 27
Art Presence Art Center, 206 N. Fifth Street, Jacksonville


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