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One Foot in the Black

June 17 - July 31

New podcast explores worsening wildfire conditions

One Foot In the Black tells the story of wildfire in the era of climate change

One Foot In the Black is a newly
released podcast exploring the root causes and solutions
to living with wildfire in the era of climate change.
Produced by southern Oregon-based Klamath-Siskiyou
Wildlands Center (KS Wild), this six-episode podcast tells
the story of fire in the West—how the landscape has been
shaped by fire, how climate change is remaking the rules,
and how our future of living with fire is tied to the past.
Hosts Alexi Lovechio and Joseph Vaile explore the facts, future, and solutions to wildfire in the era
of climate change. The podcast features voices on the front lines—cultural fire practitioners,
wildland firefighters, fire scientists, and policy makers—as they write the story of our fire future
“In our interviews, we heard from tribal members about how cultural fire-use practices can help
protect communities and lands,” said National Forest Organizer Alexi Lovechio, co-host of One Foot in the Black. “What is most surprising to many people is that the primary solution to our fire problem is actually more fire. We are excited to get this information out to the public.”
“In the midst of so much despair from recent wildfires and other climate disasters, there is a hopeful future possible if we can move beyond the current system that pits firefighters and communities in a perpetual state of war against wildfire. Actively working with fire instead of aggressively fighting against it is the way to safely and sustainably live with fire in wildlands amidst a changing climate.
One Foot in the Black offers inspiration from those on the frontlines working to make this future our reality,” said Timothy Ingalsbee, Executive Director of Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology (FUSEE).
“There is one common thread that carries through many of our interviews—climate change is
rewriting the rules on how we experience fire. We need to begin building a different relationship with fire if we want to protect lives, homes, and communities,” said Joseph Vaile co-host and Climate Director at KS Wild.
Podcast producer Jessica Klinke says, “One Foot in the Black is a term used by wildland
firefighters, referring to the area on the fireline that has already burned—’the Black’. It is
simultaneously the most dangerous place, being closest to the flames, while also being the safest
place, being closest to escape. Climate change is forcing our communities to live with one foot in
the black.”

You can listen and subscribe to One Foot in the Black on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts,
or YouTube.


June 17
July 31
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