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Egging You On: Over Easy Keeps Eggs in Style

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Over Easy? Named for their heavy reliance on eggs? Partially. 

Chef Braden (who is also the owner) claims it is an expression of their style—casual, non-pretentious, kid-friendly and welcoming. Though, they do use “a lot of eggs,” says his wife Stephanie, who can be found waiting tables and ringing up customers. 

They started out as a pop-up restaurant about five years ago and went to a more permanent structure when it became available in November of 2019. Situated between N. Bartlett and the parking deck in Medford, they have a great walk-to location. It is best to park on Main Street, or one of the avenues and head on over. It must be “easy” to locate if I can find it, claims my 15-year old.

The restaurant is simply decorated with white walls, intimate tables distributed between two seating areas, and a wide-open kitchen. Though I did see a pink flamingo with a Santa hat and a few colorful pieces of modern art on the walls. Once seated, the menu had five choices for the weekend we arrived—four savory and one sweet option. And I overheard that there was a special for the day including two boiled eggs, Spanish anchovies, prosciutto and arugula. 

When this particular dish came out from the open kitchen, I saw a beautifully-presented plate with anchovies as a bottom layer, thinly sliced medium-boiled eggs arranged like one’s favorite books on a shelf covered in a jaunty thinly-sliced prosciutto hat. I also overheard the dish devourer proclaim upon completion, “That was really good and quite different.”

For myself, I ordered the Chorizo and squash Frittata with onion, fresh roasted garlic cloves, pepper jack cheese, spinach, potatoes, cilantro with ancho crema (a specific type of Poblano Chile turned into a slightly sweet and savory sauce) dripped over the top. 

The first thing I noticed (besides my taste buds singing when the initial morsel left my fork and hit my tongue) was the absolute precision of the ingredient proportions. Their Chorizo was not overly spicy, but every bite contained a mingling of flavors and ingredients cooked to the right texture and temperature. I did not end up with only spinach or poblano or any cold bits in my last bites. The combination of potato, poblano, garlic and chorizo was brilliant and Chef knows how to coax those eggs into perfection!

My 15-year old son who is becoming quite the brunch cuisine connoisseur (because he does not get up until around noon anyway) ordered the sweet entree of chocolate buttermilk pancakes with peanut butter cups, cocoa Chantilly and peanut butter syrup. Now he likes chocolate but this was full-on cocoa-loco. It had chocolate pancakes with chocolate chunks covered in dollops of chocolate-flavored whipped cream. If he did not use the syrup, there really was not a high ratio of peanut butter to cocoa.

He described it as, “more like dessert than breakfast.” Now, that would have been just fine for me, but he chose to eat some of my dish, so he could “get some nutrients.” The pancakes were delicious; the syrup, though, was more peanuty than buttery (not everyone’s taste). It had chopped peanuts in a semi-viscous liquid that tasted divine.

Although the restaurant is only open from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm and we arrived after noon, we did not feel rushed or pushed out the door. Everyone that walked in, including those that got there at 1:15 pm, were greeted with a smile and welcoming: “come on in.” I bet if you got there early the coffee would be steaming hot, which was my only suggestion for improvement. Before we left, Chef Braden and his wife explained that they were considering opening one or two nights a week depending upon demand.

Right now, they seemed to have the perfect hours to meet their patrons’ needs. Feel free to taste test yourself and provide your feedback on their changing menu and hours.

Over Easy
7:30 am – 1:30 pm, Wednesday – Friday
8:30 am – 1:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday
21 N. Bartlett St., Medford
(458) 226-2659

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