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DRINK LOCAL: Say Mead? Steamworks Meadery in Medford

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Steamworks Meadery

I’d never been to a Meadery before. Imagine my surprise when I find out we have one, but it’s also the only Meadery in Southern Oregon. This week, I checked out Steamworks Meadery, located in Medford.

Steamworks opened in January. The owner and brewer, Drea, is soft spoken, kind and knowledgeable about his craft. You won’t find him flouncing around bumping loud music. It’s a calm and welcoming spot.

For the uninitiated, mead is made of three simple ingredients: Yeast, Water and Honey. Water is the medium for the yeast to consume the honey and create flavor and alcohol. Very similar to beer, replacing honey for grain; of course, makig the drink a bit sweeter and there are also lovely earthy flavors that balance the drink nicely. I was a bit skeptical going in, not wanting to drink something akin to maple syrup, but was pleasantly surprised. Drea is going for semi-dry/semi-sweet and he pulls it off expertly. I’ve had plenty of ciders and wines that are sweeter.

Their sampler serves their three meads. The Holiday Spiced mead tasted just like apple pie; a lovely nutmeg and cinnamon flavor mixed with a bit of clover honey and all spice. Aptly named. Orange Blossom, their flagship, is a traditional mead; no additional flavors added. The honey used is an orange blossom honey, giving a lovely mild citrus flavor and some floral qualities. Their Chai Mead, blends seven different spices. Very flavorful, but not overbearing.

Steamworks is committed to the true process of making mead; no added preservatives, no adding sweetener at the end.

Steamworks will be in Ashland at the Oregon Honey and Mead Festival on May 18.


Steamworks Meadery

2 – 8 pm, Sunday & Monday
2 – 9 pm, Friday & Saturday
4149 S Pacific Hwy #545, Medford
(541) 897-4469


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