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DRINK LOCAL: Flywheel Bicycle Solutions in Talent

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02.16.FOOD.DrinkLocal.FlyWheelBarAfter a long day’s bike ride through the orchards there’s nothing better than a cold pint. While you can technically roll up in your spandex onesie to any bar after a long afternoon, some locations are more accepting than others. At Flywheel, in Talent, wearing spandex you are more likely to fit in with the crowd and not only are there plenty of places to lock up your carbon fiber stead, but if you have a few too many the Bear Creek bike path is only a few blocks away for a more ‘contained’ route home (BUI’s are an unfortunately real thing).

Open seven days a week, Flywheel is a place where you can sit on the stools at the bar with a whole bunch of cycle nuts, watch a mechanic break a chain and finally discuss achieving spin and respectful drafting distance without getting a dull ‘why are you still talking’ look. They have eight taps, with a good variety of choices and patio seating that bakes during the afternoon but is quite nice as the shade sets in. The outdoor space, complete with picnic benches, makes for a laid back family friendly environment where you’re more likely to see someone pass out from a bike ride’s heat exhaustion than from overdrinking. Worried about food? Every Wednesday they have a local food truck parked out front to help with your carb loading.

Bike on.


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