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Double Feature: GrooveSession and Joy Tribe bring the sound at 8th annual Apple Jam

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groovesession2Summer is just around the corner and while for some this means possible droughts and bank-breaking air conditioning bills, for others this means festival season. There’s no better way to get the summer season started off right then enjoy a weekend of hot sweaty dancing at Williams Oregon’s eighth annual Apple Jam. The three-day musical extravaganza kicks off Fri., May 20.

One of the many bands taking the stage in the hot Oregon sun is Ontario, California-based soul and blues act, GrooveSession. The trio creates a large sound comparable to bands twice their member count. With the recording of this latest album, California Hurricane, GrooveSession hoped to capture the spontaneity and passion they throw into their live set.

“We always want to leave it out there and play every show as if I could be our last show,” says guitarist and keyboardist Manny Sanchez. “We try and create that session or that moment. We are a trio but we truly believe that the fourth member is that force which is the audience and that sense of fun you get to have sharing the energy.”

Though this will only the second time GrooveSession has played in Oregon they have high expectations for Apple Jam and look forward to splitting the bill with some close friends.

“The Rainbow Girls are really good friends of ours,” says Sanchez. “The very first time we met them they mentioned Apple Jam and the area of Ashland, Bend, and Eugene and told us you guys got to get out there it’s so cool.”

Portland-based group Joy Tribe will also be making their way out to Williams. Joy Tribe’s sound is characterized by their personal take on a plethora of dance-based genres. The group self-identifies with funk, soul, reggae and even a touch of afrobeat. Drawing from this large wealth of influence Joy Tribe is able to create progressive and dynamic grooves.

“We want to make music that’s complex enough or interesting enough that we enjoying playing it night in and night out,” Says guitarist Eric Hickey. “At the same time [it] doesn’t have this pretentious vibe about it. We’re not shooting for something that’s going to be off-putting to people.”

Hickey believes that Joy Tribe’s strength lies in their ability to deliver complex and unorthodox time signatures in a way that is palatable to the untrained ear. Above all Joy Tribe prides themselves on their ability pull audience members out of their seats and onto the dance floor with their heavy funk rhythms.

“Funk as a genre really comes down to getting people dancing,” says Hickey. “It really just focuses on the grove and doesn’t bother too much with complex progressions and stuff like that.”


Apple Jam

Fri., May 20-23
14391 Williams Hwy, Williams, OR
Advanced Ticket: $55 weekend pass
Onsite admission: $30 day pass, $75 weekend pass





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