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DON’T SMOKE THE MESSENGER: The High is in the Art – A Local Artist’s Take on Creating

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I’ve come to realize you may get tired of the endless cannavangelizing that I do on a regular basis. So, here is another attempt at an interview. I’d like to highlight a local community member who happens to consume cannabis. But that fact does not define her. Her story is made of more than weed . . . it’s made of paint, too.

Cozy up with a cup of tea—infused or not—as Cody Romano of Don’t Wait Forever Designs enlightens us a bit about her artistic perspective and the journey she took to get there.

Rogue Valley Messenger: Where were you born?

Cody Romano: Outside Washington DC—close enough to enjoy the nation’s capital and the farm lifestyle at the same time.

RVM: When did you discover your love of art?

CR: Music is a huge part of my life. Grew up as a dancer and fell in love with music before [visual] art. I may not smoke throughout a design, but guaranteed that music is always playing. 

RVM: When did you discover cannabis?

CR: I had a love for the plant growing up, with open minded parents and siblings who introduced me to Bob Marley when I was in kindergarten (for the love and positive vibes) but I never tried cannabis until I was 18.

RVM: How has cannabis influenced your art? How has your art influenced your cannabis consumption? Does it matter?

CR: Cannabis is definitely a factor when painting (and planning) my designs. It allows me to focus solely on what I’m trying to accomplish and encourages a smooth transition from my mind to the canvas. I try not to smoke around my artwork, given the ashes might find their way into the paint, but I definitely partake before, on “walk away” breaks, and the moment of reflection afterward.

RVM: Who or what influences your art? Do you look up to any artists? Any stoners?

CR: Everything I think, feel, and go through in life influences my artwork, but more so it’s the individual. I can feel or think a certain way about a piece for weeks, but with one person’s different interpretation, my view and mindset is completely altered. Artist I look up to: Jackson Pollock️ Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keeffe.

RVM: If you could smoke a joint with anybody, past, present or future, who would it be?

CR: Probably my dad who passed. He had his “rebellious” years before (and while) he became a college professor, so I got to hear stories all my life of friends parents smoking joints in dorm rooms with him. 

RVM: How can art change the world? How can cannabis change the world?

CR: Art and cannabis can both bring the world together by allowing different people, views, and mindsets to express themselves honestly and openly. Not everyone feels the same or has had the same experiences with cannabis or art, but I know we all have and feel the same emotions and more importantly, the ability to relate and motivate.

RVM: What is your favorite thing about the Rogue Valley art scene?

CR: The ability to walk into any store, restaurant or town and find artwork from all kinds of inspired people. Messy, detailed, colorful, bland. 

RVM: What’s your favorite strain?

CR: Cookies and Cream mixes. Just personally grew the Bavarian Cream from DVG [Dungeon’s Vault Genetics] and it’s one of the tastiest, pleasantly elevating flowers I’ve tried.

Check out Cody’s original designs for sale including canvas prints, bikinis, tote bags, shower curtains (what?!), hooded blankets, leggings and more at dontwaitforever.com.

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