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DON’T SMOKE THE MESSENGER: The Curtain Has Been Pulled

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Everything marijuana comes out into the light at The Hemp and Cannabis Fair

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.41.49 AMLast August, the first Hemp and Cannabis fair at the Jackson County Expo attracted over 2500 visitors, and on Sunday, even drew an after-church crowd. Yes, there was a rush of visitors to the “everything marijuana” fair when church let out that day.

Organizer Naomi Forkash has been delighted to see an incredibly broad range of cannabis curious fairgoers. Some families came to the fair and brought three generations- grandparents who have always been against “dope,” parents who tried it back in the 60s, and their kids who have been enjoying weed for years, but have had to keep it hidden. They were all able to go the Fair, become a little more educated, indulge their curiosity, and have an opportunity to finally have an open conversation about the topic.

It is instances like this that inspire Forkash to organize the THC Fairs. One of the main goals of The Hemp and Cannabis Fair, coming to the Jackson County Expo on January 9 & 10 is to provide a comfortable, smoke free, and safe environment with doors wide open to invite neighbors, parents, and fellow PTA members who might be a little curious about marijuana. With main stage presentations varying from lawyer Brian L Michaels reviewing Oregon’s rec laws (Sat 3pm, Sun noon), information about industrial hemp, to information about how to start a “cannabiz,” as well as a fashion show from Cannaflage Designs (Sat noon, Sun 3 pm), fair goers will come away with a broader understanding of what legal, recreational and medical marijuana is all about. With so much information about the medical benefits available, the Fair aims to be even more accessible by offering $10 tickets to Vets.

Also motivating Forkash to create these events is the desire to bring a cannabis fair to areas with smaller markets, areas often ignored by organizers working in Las Vegas, Portland, or LA. She combines this with the integrity of shopping local and as a result 70 percent of the Fair’s vendors are locals themselves. And by bringing the Fair to other Oregon communities like Rosburg, Bend and Salem, it gives the vendors an enormous opportunity for brand exposure in other regional markets that are traditionally more conservative on the subject. “We are looking at the Fair as consumer driven and education-based,” says Forkash.


The Hemp and Cannabis Fair
January 9 – January 10, 2016
Jackson County Expo,
1 Peninger Road
Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-5

$15 for the weekend
21+ only


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