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Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.41.49 AMIt’s a little different for the ladies. At the most basic level, women’s bodies react differently. THC, stored in body fat, sticks around in women’s bodies a bit longer, making it easier for women to build a tolerance. Beyond that, for a long time, the black market marijuana industry has been dominated by men. Perhaps women are just a little more risk-averse. But the times are a changin. Informal polls show the number of female cannabis users rising nationwide, especially in states with medical and recreational legalization.  

Marketing marijuana towards women specifically is becoming increasingly noticeable. Designer vaporizer cases and products claiming to relieve PMS symptoms are showing up in advertising. There is even a strain that some say has an aphrodisiac effects on women: the Jillybean, a hybrid strain known for its citrus flavors and upbeat high. It provides a clear, euphoric feeling; great for a daytime high.

In addition to being one of the most requested strains by the ladies, the Jillybean, according to a budtender at the Treehouse Collective on Sandy Blvd. in Portland, was created by women. Mz Jill of TGAgenetics (Subcool seeds), out of Washington, developed the strain with another female grower ToB.

Also significance is the amount of women that are joining—and leading—the cannabizness world. Simple observation shows that some of the dispensaries and other business that have women at the helm are stepping it up a notch, providing an environment of quality product and aesthetic. Notably, groups like Women Grow are forming to help develop and nurture women taking a lead in this emerging new industry. The group started in Colorado just over a year ago, and now has 31 chapters around the country (and British Columbia), with Portland’s chapter one of the fastest growing. As

“I am excited to be part of a group nurturing women in the cannabis industry because it will truly give women the opportunity to shine as the leaders they are and always have been,” says Leah Maurer, the Portland chapter’s organizer. “This emerging industry of legalized and regulated marijuana gives women a platform to truly excel as entrepreneurs and leaders.”

For the first time, the group states, women have the opportunity to actually lead an industry from its beginning.

And, as if you need more proof, let us not forget: All these plants being smoked, vaporized, and extracted from are ladies.


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