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Over the past two year helping launch The 
Messenger, I have traveled to most nooks and corners of the Rogue Valley. Often, after lugging stacks of newspapers, I’d take a break; a quick pull-over next to Applegate River, a detour through Lithia Park, a short bike through Bear Creek Greenway—and sometimes I’d include a quick toe to clear my mind, which would lead to wanting something good to eat. For our restaurant guide, here of some of my picks for muchies:

Cave Junction

The far reaches of the Messenger’s range, I was always hungry when I reach there. Unlike my six-year old son, hot dogs are not my normal go-to, but Sausage Cheddar Dog is a weakness for me. Melty cheese inside each bite!

Taylor’s Sausage, 2020 Redwood Hwy, 6 am – 7 pm


If planning a lunch meeting and also wanting a healthy meal with insane sauce (the Sherpa Sauce, the Tamarind Sauce, Green Goddess), Ashland Street Center is where I head. Or, at the end of the day, Liquid Assets mixes drinks with fancy snacks—imported cheese and pate—all along the Ashland Creek

Sauce, 1640 Ashland Str, 11 am – 9 pm

Liquid Assets, 96 N. Main, 3 – 11 pm



Sure, In-n-Out, but also Jaspers Café, with stoner-deliciously creative burgers

Jaspers Café, 2739 N. Pacific Hwy, 11 am – 7 pm



My favorite area to take a drive is the Applegate Valley. The Messenger’s delivery route loops out to Williams, where I enjoyed Cocina 7 Taqueria and Café. Handmade and GMO-free, these tacos has the tastiest and hottest sinus-clearing salsas!

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