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It sucks to beg.

But the Messenger needs your support.

Will write record reviews for change?

Spare a $5-a-month membership for news coverage?

Why lie? We want your money so we can write beer reviews!

For the past few issues, the Messenger has been promoting its membership program. Just like public radio begs for membership support, we are asking our readers to contribute. For the cost of your morning coffee, you can support the Messenger for an entire month; $5 both voices your support for our newspaper and what we deliver to the region, and is very real financial support. 

Visit Patreon.com/RogueValleyMessenger to contribute today, and to ensure the Messenger‘s future. 

Moreover, we are looking to expand this membership program, and plan to work with local companies who will provide discounts to our members. An important part of what we hope to accomplish at the Messenger is to truly build a community—to identify businesses that are invested in its neighbors; to encourage our readers to get out and about, to go to local breweries, to meet your elected officials, to be aware that there are nearly countless hikes and swimming holes in the region, and to keep you informed about every music show, from the largest venue to the smallest hole-in-the-wall.

We thank the handful of people who have stepped up and become members. We need more.

Also, as part of the new chapter for the Messenger, we are proud to announce that the publication and organization will shift to become a nonprofit—and, no, in spite of the common joke and often misinformation, that doesn’t mean that the organization cannot earn revenue. It simply means that the IRS recognizes the work we do as important to the “public good” and provide tax considerations for that work.

The Messenger joins a number of media publications that are shifting to this model.

How does this affect you, our readers?

Not dramatically, and certainly not adversely.

We will continue to earn our revenue from publishing ads from local businesses. We have started to write grants to support the publication and, most excitingly, we have assembled a diverse and talented Board of Directors to oversee the mission for the newspaper, and it means that the Messenger will redouble its efforts to be a community member and organizer, to create a strong membership program, and to host more public events (like our Giving Tuesday for local nonprofits and our annual local music CD compilation).

It also means that the Messenger is looking for a Manager to guide and sustain this transition.

Our ideal candidate will have the following general skills and professional talents:

  • Proven track record as a team player, and positive contributor to a start-up business;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Experience with bookkeeping and billing systems;
  • Self-motivated and driven to create a great product;
  • Track record of follow-through and meeting deadlines.

It is not yet a full-time job, but it is a fully paid job. The position draws on dynamic skills, from the general charisma to work as a team-leader for a cast of Bad News Bears and a community builder for an extremely diverse demographic, to also providing the detail-oriented skills to oversee revenue flow and manage individual ad accounts. (To be clear, this is not an editorial positon, but a business manager.)

Want to lead this exciting new chapter? Let us know. The Board of Directors wants to meet you. Email a cover letter and resume to: Editorial@RogueValleyMessenger.com  


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