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Digging Down Deep for Art: Artist Marigny Goodyear’s Response to Her Past

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Courtesy of Marigny Goodyear

Art is represented in many mediums, but something we so often overlook is how far down an artist dug to realize art.

As an artist, that’s what I do; I dive deep within to create something, and then I share it with others,” says local artist Marigny Goodyear. On Oct. 12 she published an essay on her website titled “I Was A Promiscuous Teen: An Open Letter to All the Men From My Past.” The essay was inspired by the countless scandals of sexual abuse occurring throughout most of this year. “I ended up in my therapist’s office trying to figure out why I couldn’t stop crying,” she says, “why I felt so much anger, and I came to the realization that my sexual past has had a profound effect on my everyday life.”

Goodyear has been writing a blog on her website for two years about her life as an artist and her everyday struggles with depression, alcohol abuse, and chronic anxiety. “Basically, I just started writing about myself in an honest and unapologetic way: This is who I am.” When she published her latest blog, she quickly had well over 100,000 views globally within the first week. “The funny thing is that I decided to just publish it to my own blog, partially because I knew only my list of supporters would really be the only ones to see it. Then it got shared. Then shared again.”

Her essay touches on the deepest parts of her past as a young adult when she was taken advantage of in uncomfortable situations. She concludes the essay by giving advice to parents about how to talk to their children about consent. “I understand now that I’m not alone and I’m not unique,” she shares. “I spent my whole life thinking that I was different, and I now I have not talked to one woman who doesn’t have their own story.”

Throughout Goodyear’s life, art has allowed her to express and deal with her anxiety and depression. “Art is a way for me to channel the unorganized chaos within my head through my hands, and into a painting or a piece of writing,” she says. In response to her essay, she created a new art series titled “Reclaimed Heart.”

She says about the series: “I use paper cut outs in my work and so I began cutting out hearts, ripping them up, and reassembling them on the canvas to signify the taking back of my power and my life. I thought they could be little, yet powerful reminders that by speaking out truths, freedom is ours.”

Her “Reclaimed Heart” series can be viewed on her website at marignygoodyearart.com, as well as where her essay can be found.



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