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Detailed Portraits to Abstract Concepts: Sarah F. Burns and Megan MacDonnell at Project Space

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Untitled Figure with Skeleton. Photo courtesy of Sarah F. Burns

Coloring is a big part of children’s lives, whether parents are encouraging their kids to color in the lines or color on every inch of the paper.

But Sarah F. Burns’ mom didn’t give her coloring books, even though she was encouraging her artistic skills.

“I have been serious about making art since I was very small,” explains Burns, “even before starting school. An early influence was my mom. She gave me beautifully illustrated children’s books that provided profound inspiration to me. She also didn’t allow me to have coloring books because she wanted me to develop my own ideas, so I would draw my own pictures that imitated what I’d seen in coloring books and color them in.”

Burns and Megan MacDonnell’s paintings will be showcased at Project Space in Talent from Sept. 14 to Sept. 17. An opening party on that Friday, as well as a closing party on Sunday with a brunch and mimosas will round out the festivities.

“My work is representational, since I make images that are illusions of things that exist––as opposed to purely abstract or conceptual work,” she says. “I make work using traditional western methods and materials. Some people call it Classical Realism, some called it Naturalism and I think you could call my work Impressionistic too. More specifically, I make paintings of ordinary, beautiful things that catch my attention.”

She believes an artist’s style is developed through what she is interested in, or what her personality’s tendencies are. “I find that I just paint how I paint and I discover things about myself and style through the process of painting.”

The exhibit will showcase new paintings from Burns, which she says are still life called “Earth Works” and Plein Air landscapes. “Earth Works” has a focus on natural shades, like ochre and umber, what Burns compares to paintings found in caves. Her great attention to detail when painting people are beautiful contrasts to her more Impressionistic landscape paintings.

Overall, her favorite place to paint is outside, wherever that is. She has also learned the importance of managing a website for her work, marketing her exhibits, gold leafing frames for her pictures, and teaching. Through all the pieces she has to remember and put together to paint full-time, she says her biggest challenge is still finding time to actually paint.


Sarah F. Burns and Megan MacDonnell at Project Space

Friday, September 14 through Monday, September 17.

Opening reception Friday from 5 – 7 pm.

Closing brunch reception Sunday from 1 – 3 pm.

106 Talent Ave, Suite 5, Talent.





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