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Depression: Some Thoughts On Treating the Cause

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danielsmith2There are many reasons that any given person with depression might be depressed. Like all illness, depression can have many contributing causes, including past traumas and grief, chronic illness, an inability to perceive where one is “stuck” in life, toxic exposures, and many others. Unfortunately, in the conventional medical world, most cases of depression—no matter what the cause—are treated the same way: medication. I do not presume to believe that medication is inappropriate for all people who suffer from depression. I recognize that many, many people have benefited from these prescription medications. I do believe, however, that the inclination of conventional physicians to rely on medication without considering possible causes of depression is inappropriate. It is my wish that within twenty years, both patients and doctors will be highly motivated to investigate some of the following factors that contribute to depression:

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  1. May 25, 2016 at 10:17 am — Reply

    Having lost two family members to suicide related to depression this article has some great points in it. I also agree that the use of medication could be greatly improved and other things should be looked at as well. Sadly my brother was not helped with the different medications and the correct one/s were never found. Medications are viewed too easily as a fix in my opinion.

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