Death Plant 

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As part of the Messenger‘s annual Music Guide, we are proud to profile local musicians–and provide a music track!

With versatile vocals ranging from sweet crooning to shrieks, complex vocal harmonies, running bass lines, big dirty guitars, searing bass solos, and wall shaking drums, Death Plant sound comes from a wide array of rock styles mixed into one loud, ska-alternative-pop-metal amalgamation.

RVM: What changes to the southern Oregon music scene would you like to see by 2022? 

DP: We would love to see venues bringing in more new bands. There are so many talented and amazing groups here, but you only see a select few frequenting the popular venues. It’d be nice to see some added variety in the future.

RVM: What other local band or artist would you secretly love to kidnap and make your swan song servant? And why?

DP: As hard as it is to pick just one, we’d have to say The Elephant. Joel and Dan have such great stage chemistry as well as some of the best crafted songs in the valley. Joel is a wonderful lyricist and melody-maker and Dan decorates the songs with such beautiful guitar and bass parts.

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