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Custom Dream: Rogue Cycles in Grants Pass Has High Standards

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As he comes out of the paint booth, you can hear the smile on Keith Anderson’s face.

roguebikes1“It came out great,” he beams. “It was a vintage restoration of a ’74 Jim Merz road bike in pearl white. That is one of my least favorite to paint because everything shows up on white, and pearl is like a magnifying glass. When I come out of the paint booth with a smile after painting pearl white, you know it is a good day.”

Anderson has been building and painting bicycles for 30 years, and he just opened his first retail space on H Street in Grants Pass on July 1. In the tidy, roomy space, he sells Brooks biking gear and performs all manner of bike service and repair, in addition to his world-renown construction.

“My goals is to bring the hand-built, steel bike to the market as a sensible option,” he says. “I see lots of plastic, a lot of crap and a lot of ugly out there; I want solutions to a problem. Stuff that makes sense, stuff that lasts. We want to get away from low quality that doesn’t last.”

Whether his customers are seeking a $6000 to $8000 custom bike or a $2000 stock-frame bike or a seasonal tune-up, Anderson invites everyone in to watch the magic happen. He plans to teach classes in the space, along with installing large indoor windows so folks can watch the bicycle building and painting process going on in the back area. And with refreshments. Anderson adds that he will be applying for his liquor license soon so he can serve his customers a cold one while he works on their wheels.

“Bikes and beer go together,” he says. “It is going to turn into a pretty happening space. I’ve always wanted to have a bike shop that echoes how I feel about bikes; that is what I’m trying to do.”

Anderson first started in the bicycle business as a mechanic, and when he got “bored” with that, he taught himself frame-building and painting, which he now hopes to share with others.

“I want to open up the space so people can come in and see what is going on,” he says.

When he has the time, Anderson also likes to ride bikes—a loop involving Upper River Road outside Grants Pass is his ideal—and he plans to organize a group ride through the shop eventually.


Rogue Cycles
232 SW H Street, Grants Pass
9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Tuesday – Friday
10 am – 4 pm, Saturday
Closed, Sunday & Monday
Also by appointment


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