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Country Anthem to Self Acceptance. – Ron Pope: Habits

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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ron Pope has been navigating a sea change as of late. On his upcoming album, Bone Structure, he uses music to explain the principles that have guided his own life, which in turn forced Pope to reexamine his hard-fought journey from impoverished child of teenaged parents, to broken-hearted New York street musician and finally, to the father, husband and songwriter that he is today.

The song and music video for Habits premiered via Rolling Stone (view here). Ron starts his tour in January in the US and ends in April with UK and EU dates. Ron says of this track: “Habits was an attempt on my part to dole out a little wisdom for my daughter…In my mind, the only way I can really connect with folks is by telling them who I am.”

In his signature raw and authentic style, Ron Pope gets real about the space between who we think we are meant to be, and who we see in the mirror every morning. The theme of his latest track Habits, and of Ron Pope’s new album in general, is simply that the sooner we get to figuring out who we are, and the sooner we can move beyond expectations and anxiety into a world of self-acceptance, the happier we are likely to be.

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