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Cosplay Panelist Jennyfer Perkins

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Voltron: Legendary Defender Cosplay Group

RVM: Can you describe your workshop at Medford’s Comic Con? Such as what it will entail?

Jennyfer Perkins: What my workshop will include in an in character Q&A session, a little bit of scripted conversations, and some fun games. The goal of this panel is to give the audience the feeling that they are talking to the characters from Voltron: Legendary Defenders.

RVM: What is your history with cosplay?

JP: I started cosplaying in 2014 at age 15. I started attending conventions in 2015 and haven’t stopped since! I mainly cosplay from anime and a few select cartoons.

RVM: How will justice be a theme in your panel/workshop?

JP: The show me and my friends are cosplaying from is a show that has the good forces conquer the evil. That is how justice plays as a theme in my panel.

RVM: How can cosplay encourage justice within a community?

JP: I like to think of cosplay as a way to give someone excitement, So when you go out to cons and find a fanatic of a show you can give them a one on one experience with the character you are cosplaying.

RVM: What do you hope the audience will gain from your panel?

JP: I hope my audience will leave my panel with smiles and stories to tell. This is my first panel and I am hoping to make it worth while for my audience.

RVM: What are the games you are planning on playing?

JP: One of the main games we have locked in is a game called Freeze. In this game we start a scene and act it out, at any point the audience can call freeze and switch out one character for another. The scene will continue on like nothing changed.

RVM: Which character from Voltron: Legendary Defenders will you be?

JP: I will be cosplay Lance. He pilots the Blue Lion.

RVM: What does cosplay mean to you?

JP: To me cosplay is a form of expression. So I pick characters that I feel I can relate to and be happy with. When it comes to Lance, I love his jokes and flirting fails.

RVM: What’s your favorite cosplay character you dressed up as?


JP: Out of the characters I have cosplayed thus far I have been equally happy with two of them. Viktor Nikiforov from the show “Yuri on Ice” and Prussia from the show “Hetalia.”


Voltron: Legendary Cosplay Group

1:30 – 2:30 pm, Sunday, April 29

HEC Building, First Floor, Room 132 in the Presentation Hall

RCC/SOU Medford Campus, 101 S. Bartlett Street, Medford



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