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Conversation and Action: Architects of the New Paradigm Conference

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I have been a Grinch about the New Paradigm, imagining and believing that those who see a shift in human consciousness are deluded by wishful thinking. I would love to think that we are all moving toward a more enlightened way of living with each other, but where’s the evidence?

The evidence was actually in abundance at the third annual Architects of the New Paradigm Conference held this year on March 25-26 at the Ashland Hills Inn. I expected little and I received a bounty! I like big ideas that can actually manifest nuts, bolts, flowers, and footsteps in the real world, and am beyond delighted to have learned what I did. I thought I’d just share a bit of the bounty with you, here’s a glimpse of the offerings.

Daniel Sheehan shared stories of high-ranking military officials who have directly encountered the aliens that must certainly live on the countless earth-like planets that must exist. Actually it’s not countless: it’s countable. Let’s start with the estimate that 25% of the stars in the Milky Way probably have one orbiting planet in a viable thermal position from the central star. Buy that? There are 400 billion stars in the Milky Way, so you do the math: there are a lot of potential earths! Sheehan suggests that we might receive help from aliens living near one of the older stars as we work to wrap our minds around finding new ways to ___________________ (produce energy, use energy, restore and protect the environment, feed ourselves, organize into communities and nations, interact between individuals, communities, and nations, etc.!)

But wait, there’s help to be had from folks walking on our own planet. Least resonant with me was the talk by Mary Ruwart, Ph.D, who presented the theoretically appealing paradigm of a truly libertarian world, based on the principle of non-aggression or being a good neighbor. I don’t get how we get to a tax-free, coercion free world starting from where we are, but I was intrigued by some of her thoughts.

I could write the whole column here about Foster Gamble, but you can also go to ThriveMovement.com and watch the movie he created, which Gamble told us was essentially born and bred in southern Oregon! Thrive-inspired groups around the world are coming up with creative solutions to problems that seem insoluble: as a start, what if there truly are ways to generate energy way beyond the ones we know now?

Just like the speakers’ time on stage, my space here is drawing to a close and I won’t be able to cover everything.  Let me just say that John Perkins (New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) had some crystal clear insights on who is pulling the strings in our complex world and how we might reconcile our love of fairness and liberty with something like Citizens United. Our local scholar, Jennifer Margulis, shared good statistics about three medical interventions that have turned sour as they were overused: sanitation (gotta love some good dirt!), antibiotics (they overkill our good gut bugs and the deadliest bugs are learning to resist the antibiotics), and vaccines: surely the most controversial medical topic. Her book The Vaccine Friendly Plan is excellent reading for anyone who values vaccines and the scientific process, in which nothing is ever completely settled beyond question. And finally, wild man physicist Nassim Haramein had us all in the palm of his brilliance as he explained his calculations on the mass of a photon (center of an atom) in comparison with the mass of the universe. Next time you’re feeling a little full of yourself, ponder this: 99.9999…+ % of everything we see around us, including ourselves: is space filled with energy. Take out the space in each atom, and the mass of our entire planet Earth could fit inside of … a sugar cube!

Hope you enjoyed this little diversion, and please—wild and creative thoughts, let’s carry them into practical actions!


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