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Continuing a Legacy: Dancing People Company Gets a New Managing Director

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dnacingpeopleWhen it comes to providing artistic opportunities to the Southern Oregon community, Dancing People Company in Ashland has a serious passion for delivering this service. The company has recently hired new Managing Director Wisteria Fleming Loeffler, someone who mirrors that passion for dance and performance.

Dancing People Company was founded in 1994 in Minneapolis by Robin Stiehm. For the last 13 years the company has been based in Ashland, where it continues to foster a dancing community throughout Southern Oregon, while also traveling outside of the state to deliver professional dance performances.

Loeffler’s experience in performance arts spans a lifetime. “I was trained as an actor,” she says, “but also as an acrobat and a puppeteer.” She had a huge part in the Tears of Joy Theatre, a puppet theatre company in Portland that toured extensively, bringing children live theatre in many different cities.

“I’m most looking forward to bringing high quality professional arts and entertainment to communities,” she adds. She makes clear that one of her biggest passions lies in providing schools with diversity that can be found in performance art.

“It’s really about getting into the schools,” she says. “The public school system is where some of our best diversity is kept.” She hopes to educate students and bring a unique understanding of different cultures through dance.

Loeffler will also be on the lookout for a new Artistic Director. Whether it’s someone who fills in for a year or for a longer period of time, she hopes to find someone who shares the company’s enthusiasm for diversity and enriching the dancing community.

Above all, Loeffler wants to “continue the legacy of professional dance performance in the Southern Rogue Valley.” Dancing People Company attracts dancers not just in Southern Oregon, but throughout the West Coast, as well. Loeffler plans to continue to build up the company’s professional reputation, while also pouring into the artistic community of Ashland as the city’s only full-time dancing company.


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  1. Brian Lacy
    July 15, 2016 at 2:58 pm — Reply


    Portland’s loss is Ashland’s and beyond gain❤

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