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Conceptualizing Britt Festivals: Arcadian Triptych

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Britt Festival Fine Art Poster Credit: Jamie McPartland

No matter how gifted or experienced the artist, art can be a constant teacher. Jamie McPartland claims she’s no exception.

For its 33rd year of showcasing Britt Festivals visually, McPartland’s art piece, “Arcadian Triptych,” has been selected as its Fine Arts Poster for this season. Triptych is a piece represented on three panels or in three different forms. She says, “I still feel like a student of art, working on my history.”

Studying painting in New York at Hunter College, McPartland spent countless hours in museums throughout her life, especially in France and Mexico. She describes “Arcadian Triptych” as “a mash-up. Everything from Schiele, Klimt, and Toulouse Lautrec to Mexican amate bark paintings to Wiener Werkstätte postcards to rugs and textiles.”

The piece ended up at different destination than she originally intended it. “Originally, I wanted the piece to have qualities of both Art Nouveau ads, like Mucha’s and the kind of aesthetic you see on things like vintage candy tins in France, combined with ’60s psychedelic rock posters,” she explains. “But that’s not really what I ended up with as I felt my way through the process. Content-wise, my hope was to embody the idyllic atmosphere of the festival as I’ve known it, hopefully without being too on-the-nose, which I might have been.”

Her artist statement mentions: “Jamie’s interest is in the layering of folk art traditions, organic materials and culturally relevant references. The resulting work will hopefully transcend aesthetic boundaries and provoke conversation.”

The piece will no doubt provoke conversation. Framed in what looks like a ripped olive green border, a musician plays a guitar and sings in the center of the piece. To the left is a young girl clearly enjoying the concert, and to the right is a couple enjoying the show more intimately. The girl, musician, and couple are separated in their own panels, with a curved line design in the background, crowned with several trees. The sky goes from light to dark, just as most shows occur over the course of a warm summer’s evening.


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