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Coffee’s Best Friend: Four Sweet Donut Shops

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The ingredients are simple: Combine water, sugar, and a little deep frying. But the possibilities are infinite.  

These four local donut eateries have perfected the classics, while also creating new delicious flavors that becomes coffee’s best friend.

Credit: Jordan Marie McCaw

Magic Donuts: The donuts were already nearly cleared out for the day at Magic Donuts by nine in the morning. The man working was making a fresh batch in the cramped space, and the smell of sugar was enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble. The three donuts that were still in the case were delicious all in their own ways. The old fashioned was the most classic donut, with a crunchy outside and moist inside. The defining factor was the orange glaze on top that fused the citrus with the sweet. The peanut chocolate donut was topped on white cake, making it taste like a donut version of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. The most surprising pastry, however, was the caramel stuffed churro. Warm, crispy, and sugary, each bite had a mouthful of melted caramel to go along with it. 6 am – 2 pm, Monday – Saturday 8 am – 2 pm, Sunday; 937 NE D St, Suite D, Grants Pass.


Peace, Love & Little Donuts: On East McAndrews, this donut shop was the most surprising out of this list. The donuts are small, but that’s because their toppings are insanely rich. The pre-topped donuts sampled that day were lemon, blueberry, strawberry shortcake, and caramel machiatto. The donut itself was soft and mild, allowing the toppings to take over the senses with each bite. Along with these donuts, one has the option to create his own. With a board listing all of the flavor options, it’s more refreshing than overwhelming. 7 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday, 7 am – 2 pm, Saturday, 1200 Biddle Rd, Suite F, Medford


Credit: Jordan Marie McCaw

Puck’s Donuts: An area all-time favorite. Puck’s Donuts has been a staple of the Rogue Valley for several decades. From maple bars to cinnamon twists, the shop is as consistently good as it is filled with regulars. The buttermilk with cinnamon and sugar is like an old fashioned minus the glaze, leaving it up to the crunchy and moist texture. The maple donut topped with cinnamon and sugar is the ideal morning treat. Another classic is the bear claw stuffed with apple and cinnamon, and at Puck’s the gooey center paired with the glazed outside is a holy matrimony of flavor. 6 am – 2 pm, Sunday – Saturday, 109 S Main St, Phoenix


Sensational Sweets: Sensational Sweets is like a well-kept secret in Eagle Point, as if the locals have been coveting the homemade baked goods there for years. The customer service is consistently warm and inviting, and the cakes and pastries on display are enticing in themselves. Easily the best donut here is the old fashioned. You can’t get more definitive than the generous outer glaze and soft inside. The portions are bountiful and the pastries aromatic. No matter which donut one chooses here, it’s always the right choice. 5 am – 3 pm, Wednesday – Friday, 7 am – 1 pm, Saturday, 155 Alta Vista Rd, #E, Eagle Point



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