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Choosing a new laptop made easy!  

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Choosing a new laptop is a little different to choosing a new house or a new car. Yes, budget is always a big factor, but with a laptop it is all about picking the right features that fit you. With an abundance of choice on the market, that may not be as simple as it sounds.

To get you started, this article offers some tips to demystify the black art of buying a new laptop!

Gauge your intensity!

This doesn’t mean how hard you work or hit the gym, it means think about how much demand you put on your laptop.

If you are a light user that checks your social accounts, pays your bills, manage your email and watch a few movies on Netflix, you do not place too many demands on your device.

Mid-range users tend to work with more applications such as documents or Excel files, as well as watching movies in HD.

The most demanding users are those that play graphic intense games regularly, need to use lots of internet browsers at the same time, or work with other intense software or applications.

The best place to start is to think about which category you broadly fit into. You will then need to be realistic about your budget, and stick to it. Given the choice of inexpensive laptops on the market, there really is no need to break the bank unnecessarily.

Build it and they will come

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. From the bulkiest, heavy use machines to light, portable alternatives, there really is something to suit everyone.

Depending on how portable or otherwise you need your device to be, think carefully about the build quality and the weight. While a large screen notebook with a heavy processing power may look good on paper (or on screen), you have to think about the practicalities. Your purchase could quickly seem like an expensive mistake if you end up with shoulder or back pain from carrying a heavier laptop to work every day.

Instead, focus on how you can customize your laptop to suit you. Check how many USB and HDMI ports it has to enable you to add peripherals and larger screens. You also need to feel comfortable with the tracking pad and keyboard so you can work for longer periods on your device if required.

Although it is tricky to test every possible scenario before you buy, try to go into a store and get your hands on a device at the very least. Online user reviews should also give you some insight into key factors such as durability, build quality and portability that may be tough to assess before making your purchase.

Do not overlook the operating system

Looking past the hardware, the operating system is what makes your laptop tick. Windows is the default OS for many millions of people, but there are alternatives depending on personal preference.

Ultimately, whether you prefer Linux, Chrome OS, Microsoft or macOS, be sure to check the compatibility of your device without getting too caught up in speeds and feeds!

Consider the screen

The part of your laptop you look at much more than any other is the screen. With this in mind, consider how big you want it, and what resolution.

Although it may seem tempting to default to the bigger the better, you have to weigh this against the portability. Needless to say, the larger the screen, the more pounds your laptop will be carrying.

Regular travellers also need to balance screen size with battery life. Although your movies and entertainment on a flight may look great on a larger screen, you will only be disappointed if your battery runs out too quickly.

If you go for a smaller screen, you can also attach a larger screen as a peripheral when you are working from home or in the office. This way you can compromise on the screen size to keep your laptop portable, while having the best of both worlds.

Final thoughts!

Make sure you enjoy your laptop purchase process! You are the buyer choosing an exciting product, so make the most of the experience. By doing a little homework and clueing up on the key terms, you will be well set!

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