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Celebrating Record Store Day on April 13-Biscuits & Vinyl in Talent

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Inside Biscuits & Vinyl in Talent. Photo courtesy of Biscuits & Vinyl

Thanks to the inauguration of Record Store Day in 2008, vinyl has enjoyed a renaissance in popularity and in sales around the world.

Record sales have been up, consumers have a desire to listen to music on a record player again, and vinyl pressings are becoming more and more exciting. Not long ago, opening a record store would sound outrageous. Today, however, new record stores have found a strong audience of people rifling through stacks of records old and new. In November of 2017 Biscuits & Vinyl opened its doors in Talent.

Biscuits & Vinyl Owner Matt Farrington says simply working at a record store was a childhood dream of his. When he had the opportunity to move to the Rogue Valley, he decided now was a good time to open his own shop. “It’s a place for people to discover new music and/or reconnect with music they love,” he says about Biscuits & Vinyl.

Self-proclaimed music nerd, Farrington’s shop is filled wall to wall with vintage records and new pressings from current artists. “Vinyl sales have definitely been increasing for the past few years and seems to remain popular,” he says. “I also get lots of new customers just getting into records. I don’t think its a fad at all. Records have been around for a long time and I don’t think they will ever stop being made.”

The story behind his shop’s name comes from the name of the vinyl when it’s melted down, right before it’s pressed. Biscuits & Vinyl’s bio explains: “This is the center of the record, the round part with no grooves and the little hole. To this is added the label, which is pressed onto the biscuit, a step that doesn’t require any adhesive. Rather, the biscuit is so hot from the vinyl being melted down that the label sticks right on. And there you have it!”

Farrington’s all-time favorite record is “Reggae Got Soul” by Toots & The Maytalls. “It came from my Dad’s collection, and has a great story,” he says. “The record got me and my underaged friends into a club to see the group perform in my hometown while I was still in high school. We ended up getting invited onstage and got the record signed by Toots after the show.” Ever since then Reggae has been a big part of his life. “This was the record that made me want to start collecting and now I run a record store, so quite the impact really.”

For Record Store Day on April 13, Biscuits & Vinyl will have “a large selection of the exclusive releases and some other goodies.” Check out the shop’s Facebook page for daily posts about new records in the shop and new deals.


Biscuits & Vinyl
12 – 6 pm, Tuesday – Sunday
103 Talent Ave, Talent.
(541) 897-4429



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